10 Easy Tips To A Healthier You
January 24, 2014

10 Easy Tips To A Healthier You

Being healthy is not easy. It takes time, effort, and commitment. But Forbes shared ten bits of advice to help us be healthier and reduce risks of cancer and heart disease, and they really are easy. Let’s take a look at these.

1) Get Out for Some Sunlight

That’s right. One of the easiest tips to improving health is to get outside in order to get some vitamin D. This vitamin does much for our bodies including regulating blood pressure, reducing stress, and improving cardiovascular strength. The best way to get vitamin D is from sunlight. Just 15 minutes a day can have a great impact on our health. If sunlight is not in your best interest, eating foods rich in vitamin D helps also. These include fish, cod liver oil, milk, and eggs (oh, the egg…so beneficial and so delicious). Oh, and fresh fruits and veggies have lots of vitamin D as well.

2) Take a Deep Breath

As Forbes, explains, “Your body is designed to release 70% of it’s toxins through deep breathing. It also strengthens your immune system and leads to a more efficient set of lungs.” Taking a deep breath helps to calm our nerves, but it also helps to get the toxins out of our systems. Obviously, good, deep breaths are worth every bit of effort.

3) Using Desks

Apparently, using desks will help improve health because they provide the necessary space and distance to work on laptops and computers safely. Who knew?

4) Eat a Banana

Not only are bananas tasty, but they are packed with potassium, which helps to hydrate and perk us up. This fruit has the sweetness desired by our sweet tooth, but the nutrients and health benefits of fruit. A banana a day…

5) Wake Up and Stretch

Stretching provides many benefits, especially when done in the morning. It helps to improve our posture, promote blood flow, and relieve tension. Plus, it feels so good and helps to wake us up. I don’t know about you, but waking up is hard to do. Stretching helps.

6) More Music

As Forbes wrote, “Music is the fastest way to change your attitude and lower your blood pressure, says one study from the University of Medical Science at Tsukuba, Japan. There’s even evidence that workers who are able to pick their own music are more productive and focused than workers who leave their headphones off.”

7) Drink Caffeine

Caffeine in small doses (say about eight ounces) provides great immediate benefits. It can help our energy levels and improve our focus and mood. Large doses do not work as well to improve these. Plus, caffeine has other health benefits due to the antioxidants present in it.

8) Boost Defenses

To do so, drinking a cup of hot tea in the morning. This may help reduce the risk of kidney cancer by 15 percent. Tea has caffeine (see above) and antioxidants as well as other benefits. And it tastes so good.

9) Set Reminders

With our busy lifestyles, it is important to set reminders for our lives. Whether it’s a report or a doctor’s appointment, using reminders to help us stay organized will help us de-stress and keep our responsibilities straight. And remember that there is always tomorrow.

10) Omega 3s

“Omega 3s from wild salmon, walnuts and flax seeds reduce inflammation, support brain function, lower triglycerides and blood pressure and help your body function normally. But what you may not know is that where you get your Omega 3’s matters. Like anything in our food supply, it’s no surprise that fish can get contaminated as well, and that contamination can trickle down into supplements. If you can’t get your Omega 3’s from food, when looking for a supplement make sure it is molecularly distilled fish oil. The molecular distillation process removes the toxins like mercury that can be extremely harmful. Also when it is molecular distilled the dose of DHA and EPA is higher which is better.”

These 10 tips are mostly easy steps toward a healthier lifestyle. We can all do all of these, or at least we can do most of them.

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