20 Minute Planetary Annihilation Game-Play
April 25, 2013

20 Minute Planetary Annihilation Game-Play

After the surprising Kickstarter success of Uber Entertainment’s proposal to the community for a successor to the classic Total Annihilation series, after months of absent news and updates on the progress of the title, we’ve finally been blessed with almost 20 minutes of game-play to quench your strategy thirst.

The game is currently in its alpha stage, boasting some very impressive visuals despite a planet that is only 1/4 of the actual size of some of the largest planets of the game. To be quite frank, Planetary Annihilation will seem like a spiritual successor to Chris Taylor’s Supreme Commander to veteran fans of that series. However, I’d like to point out that if anything, Planetary Annihilation should be termed as a game that adventured to all of the great places that any science fiction real time strategy game should have visited.

One of those places just so happened to be space and planet colonization. Planetary Annihilation plays on its predecessor’s roots of massive unit battles and large scenic vistas, which is a technical message to the game’s developer on innovation of a series. Could we have seen the same game eight years ago when we wanted it the most? Probably, but for the time being we’ll have to settle for the leap in technology on current gaming rigs.

Uber’s Steve Thompson and Jon Mavor walked us through the beginning aspects of base building and unit structure, and more importantly, the mechanics of planet scaling to manage your economy. As aforementioned, the game came off largely as a spiritual successor to the Supreme Commander series in its unit building. Players begin the match with a ‘Commander’ unit that has the ability to build a resource building in pairs near a forest. Mavor moved on with construction on air and land factories, also providing us with some insight on previous confirmations about the game’s rendering of planets.

After five minutes of micromanaging, Mavor was ready to show their tank unit’s ability to traverse through large areas of vegetation and mountains. It should be noted here that Planetary Annihilation chooses to stick to a short building cycle for casual strategy gamers that want only to play a 30 minute to hour long match.

It’s not a terribly beautiful game in terms of realism. But again, this is just alpha game-play footage, and hence means that everything is still largely temporary. Fans will find the building and unit animations particularly interesting-even at this stage of the game’s development.

For the time being, my thoughts and criticisms of the game are only based on my experiences with Supreme Commander, which was responsible for over 150+ hours of game-play and frustration.

Time will tell if Uber Entertainment takes after Chris Taylor’s Supreme Commander in the coming months, and until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Uber’s newest game.

Image Credit: Uber Entertainment

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