2013 Ferrari 458 Italia
November 29, 2013

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari is one of the most well known and talked about sports cars on the market, with many people dreaming of one day owning one. The Italian vehicle’s low profile style, superb handling, and high performance engines, makes the Ferrari one of the best vehicles on the road, as well as at the track.

Racing has been a part of Ferrari’s history since 1947, winning multiple competitions yearly ever since. And now there is a Ferrari 458 Challenge series that is designated specifically for Ferrari race cars. These racecars are production-based with the overall appearance of the road legal Ferraris, but are designed with racetrack modifications.

The Ferrari Italia was first revealed to the public on September 15, 2009 at the Frankfort Motor Show. It is a mid-engine supercar using the technology from the company’s Formula 1 racing experience.

The braking system includes a prefill function that lets the caliper piston come in contact with the discs to reduce the delay when the brake pedal is applied. This function, along with the ABS system, reduces the stopping distance from 62-0 in 107 feet.

The Ferrari Italia 458 has also earned over 30 awards from around the world since its inception. Recently in the United States, the car was voted World Performance Car of the Year, and was named Car of the Year by the Robb Report. The engine itself was voted Best Performance Engine and Best Engine above 4-litres to add to its collection of awards.

In Britain, the Italia gained Top Gear Magazine’s Supercar of the Year and Car of the Year awards. Other awards include Performance Car of the year in 2010 by Car Magazine, Auto Express and What Car.

Not only has the Italia enjoyed the honor of being top of its class many time in the United States and Britain, but also has received awards from the Middle East, as well as China and Japan.

The following comes to you in partnership with our friends at Top Speed.

Recently, Racing One took a Ferrari 458 Italia and made a few modifications to the already impressive ride. Originally the 4.5-litre V-8 under the hood produced 570 hp that would propel the car down the track to a 3.4 second 0-60 and a top speed of 201 mph.

The drive train of this already potent machine was the first to inherit a few updates. The horsepower was increased to 620 and was connected to a seven-speed racing gearbox that powered the variable traction control system. The total weight of the car was decreased 1,246 pounds from the original version, tipping the scales at just 2,689 pounds.

Racing One also did some aerodynamic improvements with a new front and rear spoilers, side skirts and huge rear wing. To grip it to the pavement wider wheels and racing slicks were used.

The Ferrari is not only a sports car that people dream of owning, it has proven it is worthy of recognition in the automotive world of speed.

Image Credit: TopSpeed.com

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