2014 Keating The Bolt Could Be First 300 MPH Production Car
September 26, 2013

2014 Keating The Bolt Could Be First 300 MPH Production Car

In the dog-eat-dog automotive world of speed, manufactures strive to produce high-powered vehicles with unbelievable top-end speeds. Each year, a super car claims to be the fastest car on Earth. Currently, 250 mph is only reached by a very few. However, a relatively unheard of company claims that in the near future, their supercar will top 300 mph.

The following comes to you with thanks to our friends at Top Speed.

In 2009, the British car manufacturer Keating stated their 1,800 horsepower TKR supercar reached a speed of 260.1 mph. They stated this, even though the current recorded speed record was set on June 26, 2010 by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, with a 257.87 mph top speed.

Keating has upped the ante with the 2014 The Bolt supercar. Their goal is to produce a car that will not only break the 300 mph plane, but also shatter it with an estimated speed of 340 mph.

The base model uses a 7.0-L Chevrolet LS7 V-8 with an estimated 640 hp and 595 pound-feet of torque.  The mid-engine is connected to a six-speed transaxle, and Keating will be bolting on an innovative supercharger that will switch between naturally aspirated and supercharged, as needed. The end result will be a horsepower boost ranging from 1,000 to 2,500. Even with the extra hp, the fuel economy will stay around 30 mpg.

The company will offer three styles of the base model: a 750 hp supercharged, a 1,000 hp twin-turbocharged, and a 2,500 hp twin-turbocharged version. The curb weight of the vehicle is around 2,645 pounds, made with an aluminum frame chassis using carbon Kevlar body panels.

The performance of the base model is claimed to reach 215 mph and 0-60 in two seconds. Depending on the engine choice of the buyer, price for this supercar will range between $240,000 and $1,200,000.

Their attempt for a new record speed will either be in the United States or in the Arab Emirates, August, September, or October of next year. They are hoping to reach mach 0.5 (340 mph), however, at sea level, mach 0.5 is 380 mph.

The company released its first model in 2006 and has produced a total of 15 cars in three different models, the SKR, TKR, and the ZKR.

Keating states, “There are some XJ220 influences in the car. We went to see the Jaguar when it was launched. That’s where my passion for all things automotive came from.” They also said, “We’ve also been working on another engine which uses a clutched supercharger system.”

The cars are built by hand by a staff of three in a small workshop. Keating also builds their cars from the ground up according to the customers’ specifications. If the buyer desires, Keating will install an engine of their choice.

If indeed The Bolt breaks the 300 mph plane, it will force the hand of all other supercar manufactures to step up their game to compete in the ever-increasing quest for speed.

Image Credit: TopSpeed.com

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