2015 Ermini Seiottosei
June 22, 2014

2015 Ermini Seiottosei

Many automakers yearly produce upgraded, modified or even a new model to capture the hearts of would-be car buyers. In some cases, a new company will join in on the vehicle manufacturing industry, and sometimes a company will reenter the automotive world after years of absence.

Such is the case of Ermini. This company from Florence, Italy, which I personally have never heard of, was around decades ago. The first car they produced was in 1949, using a 1100 dohc engine. In the early 1950s, the Ermini 1100 became the core vehicle for the company.

The Ermini brand competed fiercely against well-known brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Mercedes in international races, managing many victories during the 1950s. However, even with their continued success, the company closed in 1962.

In 2007, the company reopened its doors and its first manufactured vehicle became available at the end of 2013 with the Brachetta Sport. “With this car, lovers of those uncompromising vintage sports cars with their distinctive dynamism, long since replaced by modern supercars, will finally be able to enjoy themselves,“ said Chairman of Ermini Automobili Italia, Eugenio Ercoli in a statement.

Now it’s 2014 and a new model is born, the 2015 Ermini Seiottosei. It’s a two-seater vehicle that tips the scales at a low 1,512 pounds. The reduced weight helps the performance as well as fuel mileage, being as it only has an inline four-cylinder engine. The overall length is 13.52 feet and width is 6.07 feet. It could be classified as a compact sports car.

The interior lacks all the bells and whistles of modern day vehicles, but it is designed mainly for track use and only 46 total units will be produced. It has a single digital display behind the steering wheel and the simple, flat dash, is colored the same as the body.

On to the drive train. Like I mentioned before, the engine is a 2-L inline four-cylinder, spewing out 300 horses. Not bad for a four-banger. It’s connected to a six-speed sequential double-disc clutch transmission, allowing the Ermini to sprint down the track at an estimated 3.3 second 0-60 time and a top speed of 167 mph with a speed limiter installed. No record breaker by any means, but still not bad.

The design of the new Ermini came from the mind of Giulio Cappellini. It has an all aluminum body that is hand hammered, unlike the high-production assembly line bodies of today. The airflow over the body gives improved cooling to the engine and brakes.

Osella is a big racing name in Italy and it has partnered with Ermini over the last three years, helping them to add some racing technology into the Seiottosei’s chassis. Like a PVD suspension — which is a molecular bombardment process not used in road vehicles — that cuts the weight substantially over typical design.

Pasquino Ermini, the original car maker, used to say: “I have always thought of my cars as being as light as a feather, able to fly away, arm in arm with the wind.”

The price has not been released as of yet, but I am assuming it will be comparable to other models in its class.

Image Credit: Ermini / TopSpeed.com

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