45 Tips to a Healthier Life (Part 3)
April 18, 2014

45 Tips To A Healthier Life (Part 3)

So for the final part of the 45 tips to health series, I will look at numbers 31-45 from the health24 article. For tips 1-15 click here and for tips 16-20 click here. Let’s take a look at the last 15 tips.

31) My Smear Campaign

A yearly pap smear is important for many reasons, not the least of which is catching cervical cancer early on. As the article explains, 200,000 women a year die rom cervical cancer. However, when caught early, the chances of survival are nearly 100 percent. Both these facts should inspire all women to get their yearly pap done.

32) Understand Hormones

Know the research about hormones, hormone replacement therapies, and breast cancer before choosing to affect hormones.

33) Beat the Sneezes

If we have allergies due to pollen, then take measures to help minimize the allergic reaction. Drive with windows up, avoid being outdoors from 5am to 10am when pollen counts are the highest, vacation in places with low pollen counts, and stay away from fresh cut grass. Also, it’s probably important to keep allergy pills and meds with us just in case.

34) Doggone

We love our pets, but some of us have pretty serious allergies to them. Instead of having to choose between the beloved pet and sneezing, itching, swollen eyes, and the other myriad reactions install an air filter in the home. This will help control the dander. Also let the pet enjoy the backyard more and brush outside not in.

35) Asthma-friendly Sports

People who suffer from asthma can still exercise and play, but they should engage in activities that are more asthma friendly. Some suggestions include swimming, cycling, canoeing, fishing, sailing, and walking.

36) Deep Heat

The best advice to help prevent sunburns, and thus skin diseases caused by such, is to wear the proper sunblock, always. Wear it when driving in the car as well as swimming in the lake. This is an easy tip to better health.

37) Fragrant Aging

As the health24 article puts it, “Stay away from perfumed or [flavored] suntan lotions which smell of coconut oil or orange if you want your skin to stay young. These lotions contain psoralen, which speeds up the ageing process. Rather use a fake-tan lotion. Avoid sun beds, which are as bad as the sun itself.”

38) Sunscreen Can Be a Smokescreen

In order to receive the full health benefits of sunscreen, we must use it properly, which means slathering the stuff on daily and reapplying it if we are in the sun for long periods of time. Reapplication is also important if we are in the water. The health24 article says use at least a shot glass of sunscreen each application.

39) Laugh and Cry

Both laughter and tears are good to help heal bodies and broken hearts. So get your laugh on but don’t be afraid to cry, too.

40) It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

But when it’s over, it’s over. This particularly pertains to relationships. If a relationship is not working and we feel like we’re stuck in a meaningless rut, then cut those ties and move on. It’s not easy, of course not, but happiness is something all people deserve, so don’t drag on something that no longer has the breath to move on its own.

41) Strong People Go For Help

We all need a little help from our friends. Sometimes we need a little more help from family, colleagues, and docs. It’s okay and necessary and healthy to ask for help, so do it more often especially when you really need it.

42) Save Steamy Scenes for the Bedroom

This really pertains to the temperatures at which we bathe or shower. Instead of really hot, we should use warm water because water that’s too hot dries out our skin. Additionally, apply lotion while skin is still damp in order to ensure best absorption. And if we take baths, then a little olive oil in the bath helps to moisturize. For those of us who shower, applying just a bit of olive oil onto the skin works as well.

43) Here’s the Rub

As health24 states, “Improve your circulation and help your lymph glands to drain by the way you towel off. Helping your lymph glands function can help prevent them becoming infected. When drying off your limbs and torso, brush towards the groin on your legs and towards the armpits on your upper body. You can do the same during gentle massage with your partner.”

44) Sugar-coated

It is imperative to watch our glucose levels in order to prevent type 2 diabetes, which increases yearly and in younger and younger patients. Plus, type 2 diabetes often comes packaged with heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. None of these are good. Control the glucose levels. Our lives and health depends on it.

45) Relax, It’s Only Sex

Stress definitely affects libido, so relax and make time for a little lovin’.

46) Good Night, Sweetheart

The better sleep we get, the healthier we will be all around, so don’t take sleep for granted. Sleep heals the body, mind, and soul.

As it turns out, there were actually 46 tips! What a bonus. Each of these tips provides great ideas, information, and suggestions for all of us to move into a healthier lifestyle. I know these helped remind and inform me of important steps toward health. I hope they do the same for redOrbit readers.

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