8-Month Erection: Awesome Or Wretched?
June 24, 2013

8-Month Erection: Awesome Or Wretched?

Is an eight-month erection a bad thing? It’s quite possible. One man endured it, and now he’s suing.

Boner, woody, chub, hard-on, stiffy, there are many names for it, but how does it sound to have one for eight months? E-I-G-H-T months!

This sort of thing is pretty normal for a 15-year-old boy, but 44-year-old, Daniel Metzgar of Newark, New Jersey was not pleased.

In December of 2009, Metzgar visited Wilmington urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito and had an inflatable penile implant inserted with hopes of a more satisfying sex life, but he got a little more than he bargained for. After the insertion of the device and his unending erection, he began to resign from life. He was embarrassed to go out, and when he did he was forced to wear long baggy clothing to hide his permanent erection. To add to his depression about the issue, his 18-year-old stepson said the relationship between him and Metzgar grew distant because he was “highly embarrassed” about the situation.

After four months of the continual erection, he returned to the doctor, but he was told that a corrective procedure would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 USD. According to Fox News, “He said he lost his insurance afterward and didn’t have $10,000 he said Desperito wanted before he would do the surgery.”

Apparently, he came up with the money somehow because the prosthesis was reportedly removed in August 2010 after tubing from the device punctured Metzgar’s scrotum.

But the story doesn’t end here

Metzgar shared some of the harsh details with Fox News: he lost around 50 percent of the size of his penis due to all of the scar tissue. He also doesn’t get the same level of satisfaction anymore.

After a snafu like this, there’s only one thing left to do. Sue.

“Daniel Metzgar, 44, of Newark, testified in New Castle County Superior Court in Wilmington in his medical malpractice lawsuit against Wilmington urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito. He told jurors the inflatable prosthesis made him feel like less of a man.

Colleen D. Shields, Desperito’s lawyer, said in her opening statement that sometimes bad medical results occur through the fault of no one. She also said that the urologist told Metzgar the prosthesis had to be removed four months after the surgery when Metzgar complained of an infection and that the erection wasn’t going down.”

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of an 8-month erection. It’s even harder to imagine it being a bad thing, but when it’s affecting a person’s life so detrimentally, I suppose it’s not a good thing after all.

Unfortunately, there’s more bad news for Metzgar. According to the News Journal of Deleware’s report, “the New Castle County Superior Court jury found urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito was not medically negligent when his patient Daniel Metzgar, had post-surgery complications that lead to an 8-month erection.”

“We’re stunned,” Attorney Michael C. Heyden said as he and his clients left the New Castle County Courthouse. His client, Daniel Metzgar, who gave attention-grabbing statements during his testimony, had no comment.

Poor guy.

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