A Black Diamond iPhone
April 19, 2013

A Black Diamond iPhone

Last month, an MIT Technology report was released which praised the many benefits of using a sapphire screen in smartphones. The material is second to only one other material in terms of hardness: diamonds. Apple already uses sapphire in their phones, of course. Though the material protects their camera lens from scratching, many users decided instead to whine about the “purple haze” the material allegedly lent some photos of the sun or other bright lights.

There’s one major drawback to using sapphire in smartphones screens, however. It’s damned expensive.

This likely wouldn’t be a deterrent if you’re already planning to spend some $15.3 million to have your iPhone specially customized to include a 26-carat black diamond, 600 white diamonds and 135 grams of 24-carat gold.

According to a CNN story, an unnamed businessman from Hong Kong commissioned luxury device craftsman Stuart Hughes to build the new “World’s Most Expensive Phone.”

The previous phone to hold this title was also an iPhone (a 4S model) with plenty of gold and a hefty sales tag, priced around $9.18 million.

According to CNN, the 26-carat black diamond had been handed down for generation to generation before landing in the hands of the unnamed Chinese businessman.

The diamond alone is responsible for driving the price of the handset so high. Hughes told CNN that a similar gold and diamond encrusted piece normally runs around $153,000, a small percentage of the total $15 mil.

As for that diamond, Hughes set the rare black jewel in a place of prominence, replacing the home button.

That’s right, the Chinese businessman must double tap that black diamond anytime he wants to switch banking apps to watch his money disappear.

“We had a tech guy in Macau who was able to set the stone, which to this day has never left China,” said Hughes in an interview with CNN.

So how does the thing look?

It looks exactly like a solid gold iPhone 5 packed with white diamonds and an enormous black diamond set in the home button.

Personally, I’m not a fan of so much flash and sparkle, and I can’t help but wonder if this businessman will ever actually use the phone or just set it up in a glass case and look at it mournfully every time the phone rings.

Think of the missed calls and texts this guy gets each month.

I also feel like there should be an early upgrade joke in there somewhere, but damned if I haven’t been able to find it.

Hughes is also known for crafting a solid gold iPad available in different sizes. This piece of Apple kit is valued around $198,000, in case anyone has that kind liquid cash available.

Though he deals in this kind of work all the time, Hughes has said this is the most elaborate iPhone he’s ever built; and though these things are incredibly ridiculous, the man takes himself seriously.

“I am a craftsman,” Hughes said.

“I basically fulfill and make up these ideas.”

Image Credit: Stuart Hughes

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