December 5, 2012

A Boost To Your Graphic Overhaul

The gaming experience should be about you. Why spend money for anything less than the best possible options to give that technical boost to your gaming rig?

It’s an accepted fact, by most at least, that there are many different generations and manufacturer’s of graphics cards. Nvidia, AMD, Intel – the list doesn’t expand as far as I’m putting off but the point remains evident-there’s obviously a difference between these brands.

So what is the difference?

Well, you have to know firstly that AMD and Intel are not just two different layouts and color schemes of boxes on the shelves at Micro Center – there physical builds are practically foreign. Intel utilizes the aspect of multithreading processors, or multitasking as their main selling point. AMD on the other hand utilizes single threaded, or sing-tasking as their main selling point. Intel is know for having stronger processors in the sense of multiple tasks for long periods of time while AMD are known for being better suited for gaming. AMD takes the role of being better suited for gaming in the fact that while they are cheaper than Intel, they can boast more cores in a single chip. While these cores can’t contribute to multitasking, they can give a few unique graphical attributes to graphical awesomeness!!!


Well, there’s NVIDIA…

Computers continue to evolve and outdate current gen hardware every month – and with that progression of time the price cuts on 6-month old hardware plummets. Its not exactly the worst thing that can happen.

Well, actually it is.

Imagine working 40 hours of retail every week for over a period of sixteen weeks-constant bashing of bills and deflating Friday night events with those muppets in The Department of Sanitation. Why do they only choose to do ‘Poker Night’ EVERY NIGHT?!?!

You’ve kept a very tight schedule for work and fun, you have a 1,500 dollar PC build that your excited about.

You’ve just broken up with your girlfriend because she thinks its acceptable that insults on your mom can be blurted out-SIMPLY because you didn’t want to watch The Notebook with her. WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT THAT MOVIE THAT IT HAS TO BE THE PUNCHLINE REFERRAL MOVIE FOR EVERY ROMANCE!?!?! It’s literally two hours of the same crap you’ve been seeing since the first time you watched Titanic.

You didn’t cry in that movie either.

Above and beyond you have sacrificed a lot for your own sense of dignity and benevolence, and you deserve a night to your self. At the end of your sixteen weeks you’re finally ready to order your parts, and GOD does it feel good to finally put your money towards something you love. You give the next few days a patient wait and when they arrive you begin building.  A sense of worth and responsibility rush over you and you look back at the machine you’ve constructed. You check Newegg to find out 5 of the 10 parts that you ordered all just dropped thirty percent in price in the time it took you to work up your money.

You’ve lost 400 dollars in the process.

Time is money. That statement is more than just a benchmark in the process of progression, but its very understandable to see so many people get ripped off. The computer technology market is very vast and always advancing every day: A GPU you buy next week will be outdated within the month by at least ten different GPU manufacturer’s.

Price cuts are their way of not toppling the market with overpriced hardware, so the key here is to master the market’s cycle and plan accordingly on what hardware you will buy.

To each, his own light.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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