December 24, 2012

A Clone For You And Me

John Gurdon is making the prediction that the cloning of humans will be a general norm in the next fifty years. Is this against our ethical code?

How many clones will it take for humanity to lose its marbles? None, it seems, because John Gurdon has already predicted the biological advancement of cloning. He’s also predicted the social revolution of its unacceptability in society, claiming that it’s going to be a negative trend in the beginning, but that people will eventually warm up to the idea.

How can he be so sure of that trend in the population?

Probably because in our history, we tend to block out the realities of the world that we simply don’t want to believe. Not to speak of ignorance, but of ill preparation. We didn’t want to believe the holocaust when we first heard of its horrors, and we didn’t want to believe that the planet was round in shape. As I stated in a previous blog, the individual is intelligent, and the people are still very stupid. It will take a social revolution for cloning to be acceptable, make no mistake, because there are many more social stigmas to overcome.

No one is denying that creating life, for humanity, is a tricky business. Usually it’s a religious or moral obligation that the population feels, and such obligations are usually the reason we don’t see widespread support of things like cloning. For Americans, that obligation is emotionally based.

Think of the most ridiculous fad that you know of.

It’s not to be confused with fear or malice towards the subject, but we naturally always feel that creation of life is a sticky situation.


The answer is rooted in a society of socially terrified people who still have trouble accepting the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana. We’re stuck in our shells, living in the past, and much prefer to never come out of these shells due to some radical fear. To progress as individuals in society, it should be generally accepted that progress and the future are inevitable aspects of our advancement.

What I’m saying doesn’t pertain to gay marriage or marijuana as necessary increments for progress, but mere signals and signs of the times we live in. Is humanity ready for fully sized robot replicas of themselves to roam the homes and streets of their respective neighborhoods? Are we ready for the advancement of flying motor vehicles and the hectic air traffic control that will undoubtedly follow? Are we ready for nuclear war or contact with extraterrestrial life?

Perhaps, but only when we are prepared to accept its existence, and I have a feeling that this existence isn’t too far off.

And the reason for our lack of preparation is that we don’t truly believe in the possibility of clones, much like a denial mechanism that we use to cement our perceptions of reality. Hopefully that perception isn’t too far off from the future of tomorrow.

Once again, cheers to the future of science!!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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