A further Look Into Destiny
May 30, 2013

A Further Look Into Destiny

Bungie has developed quite the Internet meme for its upcoming FPSMMORPG Destiny, aptly unifying them both as Bungie’s Destiny. Quite clever, don’t ya think? But, enough of my comical sensibilities. Bungie has released newer viral videos and teasers for Destiny, a sci-fi first person shooter MMO in response to Microsoft’s Xbox One. Where can we begin to describe the awesomeness?

I’ll start from the beginning.

Bungie made fame and fortune with their overnight sleeper success, Halo. The futuristic first person shooter opened up the doors for other shooters of that genre in that particular time period. Like many hoping to duplicate it, Halo continuously challenged our perception and what it means to be truly inside the battlefield with an assault rifle. But their recent departure from Halo and its’ previous sequels leaves fans weary that they can’t make another masterpiece with Destiny.

They could only be so wrong so many times. Destiny looks to combine everything Bungie learned from the Halo development years with the co-op style of Borderlands. Borderlands was another sleeper success from Gearbox Software. Like Halo, Borderlands redefined what it means to truly be immersed in co-op experiences with your friends.  This lesson ultimately fills you in on player’s desires; decently strong enemies, quirky and sarcastic humor and, of course, the fusing of those aspects with a story that truly makes you want to learn and discover. With that kind of talent, Bungie can make us relive some of the most emotional moments in Halo history; Sergeant Johnson’s death at the hands of Spark 343, Miranda Keyes death in the line of duty, her father’s death at the hands of the flood and, of course, the death of Cortana.

But Bungie has no part in Borderlands and they sure don’t have their hands in Halo anymore. Instead, Bungie brings Destiny’s style of game-play to the next generation of consoles. No console gamer has felt the joy of progressive leveling and massive multiplayer games with others around the world. Destiny looks to bring that skillful storytelling and plot synthesis to their campaign, opening the door for gamers across various platforms to revive the traditional co-op shooter genre. But how exactly does Destiny plan to deliver?

Destiny is set seven hundred years into the future, where humanity has been reduced by an unknown alien contact war that leaves them fending for their extinction in the last city on Earth. Not only this, but hostile alien forces have not only kicked them from their natural way of living, but they’ve also adopted the farming methods that humans developed to survive. The story of Destiny is the entailment of humanity’s final push for independence for survival. Like many other science fiction thrillers of its kind, Destiny is designed to take you on quite the journey with Bungie.

Sadly, we’re not sure if Destiny is releasing on PC yet or not; but, Bungie has kept our hopes high with a promise for more conversations on the subject in the months to come.

Image Credit: Bungie

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