A Glimpse Into Google's Tel Aviv Office
May 22, 2013

A Glimpse Into Google’s Tel Aviv Office

Question: Who has a better workspace than Google?

Yeah… We already know the answer to that question.

So, what do you do if you are Google? I mean, you DO currently have the Undisputed World Championship Title Belt for the most coveted offices out there, right?

It seems as though Google has answered this question. The resolution is simply to build more offices in other places in the world (hey, if you got it then flaunt it).

It is true that all of their offices are freakin’ sweet, but today I want to bring the focus to their most recent slap in the face of convention office spaces: their very own Tel Aviv office.

But why the Tel Aviv office?

Because it is freaking awesome, that’s why.

The building sports eight floors of the creative, wacky and cool awesomeness that is unique to the one and only Google. The company seems to have a love affair with challenging the status quo and staple of ideals of the conventional workspace and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Google says that they want each of the floors to represent the cultural diversity of the country of Israel.

The diversity and themes goes as follows: Humor/Fun, Joy/Optimism, Friends/family, Culture/Heritage, Energy/Vitality, Dream/Delight, Innovation/Hospitality and a no fun zone that is the maintenance and all around importance level that keeps it all running (hey, someone can’t just have all the fun).

It seems that this cultural diversity has manifested itself into a one of a kind office that covers over 85,000 square feet. The history of this office is not a very grand one, but the future seems to extremely bright (I’m going to spare you the torture of a poorly executed Ray-Ban joke… for now). Opened in late 2012, the building houses over 30,000 employees.

Speaking of the employees, Google says that they hope the new offices “inspire” the collaborative effort between them which would in mind result into new creative works. The place does definitely have an emphasis on this principle since it in fact tailors to a team of 200 engineers and 50 sales and marketing employees. I’m guessing that Google beat these ideals down the architect’s mindset during the creation of the designs of this office.

As far as all of the designing credits, they would have to go to Swiss firm Camenzind Evolution along with the collaborative efforts of Studio Yaron Tal and Setter Architects.

These firms have created a monster, a very hard to explain monster.

One hallway looks like a small town, one section is an “outdoor” picnic area; heck, it even sports an indoor desert!

So, what happens when these employees get a little rumble in their tummies? No, they don’t have an indoor McDonald’s; they have themed, fully-functional restaurants that put any fast food chain to shame.

I could go on, but let’s face it guys, we’d only go back to our jobs with paper bags over our heads to hide all of the tears.

So, to rap it all up, this was a peak into the new Google Tel Aviv office and I am now going to the beach to make myself feel better about life. (An indoor desert, really?)

Image Credit: Itay Sikolski / Gizmag

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