November 29, 2012

A Healthy Sex Life IS Healthy

Most of us understand that an active sex life is not only an instinct, but it’s really fun. And I would hope the majority of us, although most probably do not; understand that medically speaking, a healthy sex life has many positive physiological effects on the body, aside from the obvious. We live in an age where one side of the media embraces sex, although doesn’t usually educate about it, and the other side pretends it’s this horrific act if it’s done outside a loving marriage or relationship. So don’t expect too many news cycles to keep you abreast of the positive effects.

Every once in a while a news outlet of some sort will talk about the physiological effects of sex, but it’s been a bit; so let’s see what we know about this activity and how it boons us. Since I am a self-improvement type of guy, I should mention safe sex.

Safe sex.

Although some wouldn’t want you to believe it, the fact remains, sex is great for us. Sex reduces pain caused by headaches, arthritis, and relieves other aches and pains as well. When we engage in sex we release more oxytocin, endorphins, corticosteroids, and other natural painkillers. Sometimes these affects can last up to two days. You know that saying, when in pain don’t refrain.

Sex is great for your heart and is the most fun type of exercise one could possibly hope for. Men’s Health magazine stated that sex is the greatest workout equipment one could ever possess. If you do a little research and apply some fun positions to your workout routine; sex should be working out your abs, gluts, quadriceps, biceps, triceps, amongst other muscle groups. It’s hard to measure the exact number of calories sex can burn, as it depends on weight, but the average consensus seems to be 100 calories per 30 minutes. This, in addition to the aforementioned muscle groups being worked, makes sex a healthy workout.  This brings a whole new meaning to Hans and Franz stating, “We’re here to PUMP, you up!”

Sex may help prevent prostate cancer in men. Studies show that the more ejaculations males have, the more they reduce their chance of prostate cancer. Men in their twenties, who have five to six orgasms a week, are a third less likely to get prostate cancer than those who have less than five. This is because of the concentration levels of zinc, potassium, and citric acid; increases to 600 times.

Sex is antihistaminic and can clear up a stuffed nose, not to mention it boosts the immune system. Studies have shown that having sex twice a week can increase your infection-fighting antibodies by 30 percent, compared to those that abstain.

There are other positive affects sex has as well, including; healthier pours, hair, teeth, and self-esteem since it releases hormones that make us feel good. It also helps reduce stress and promotes better sleep, I hope for the right reasons and not for the boring reasons. I go into more detail about this in my book, When Jonathan Cried For Me, but sex should be used the right way.

I pretend to take no moral high ground, as I don’t view it as immoral that if you emotionally can handle sex, and you are staying true to yourself and are honest with others; I see nothing wrong with a robust healthy sexual lifestyle. But for others, if it’s not staying true to themselves; then they shouldn’t partake of this type of lifestyle as it could end up hurting the psyche and their self-esteem.

But no matter where you stand with this subject, it’s fascinating how natural acts of instinct can benefit us greatly. Sex…because it’s good for us, and fun.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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