December 6, 2012

A Light From Out Of This World

This true story doesn’t come from an article, hearsay or any other source. It is a personal experience that happened, over thirty years ago. I am not sure what exactly what we saw, but it was an experience I will never forget.

It was a hot summer day. Sun shinning brightly, high in the cloudless sky. My cousin, uncle, and I went fishing. We caught very little fish, but it was an enjoyable day never-the-less. Our favorite fishing spot was the dead river, which flows from the Androscoggin river into Androscoggin lake. The lake is located in Wayne Maine. During the course of the day, we decided to go camping that night in the back woods of my cousins grandparents house. So we pack up our gear, cause the fish were not biting anyway, and headed home.

When we arrived in Livermore Falls Maine, at the grandparents home, we asked if we could use a tent for our little excursion. Of course, being the good man the grandfather was, he let us teenagers use his tent and gear. So we packed up our sleeping bags and strolled off into the woods before dark and pitched the small tent.

As the darkness molded around us, silence quickly turned to noises of a dark summer night. A hoot from an owl, rustling of leaves, maybe it was from a raccoon or another small night creature. Then, we began to tell jokes and stories like most teenage boys will do.

As laughter erupted from what we would now call a stupid joke, a large circular light started at the base of the tent, and slowly rose to the peek. Then just as slow moved down the other side and disappeared. All three of us were speechless. Then once again the light appeared at the base and rose up in the opposite direction as the previous time. Up over the peek and down the other side once again.

“That was a big firefly,” my uncle spurted out.

I thought to myself, in might be some other kids trying to scare us, as my cousin unzipped the door and peeked out. He jumped back and said in a nervous voice, “that was no fire fly. We got to get the hell out of here.”

“What is it.” I asked.

He said, “I don’t know but I am not waiting to find out.” He then rushed out the door, “come on, we got to get out of here,” he shouted.

My uncle and I jumped up and followed. As we ran through the field toward the house, fear began to grow within us. We all wondered what the light was. It had to of been past midnight, but the sky was bright like there was a full moon, but the moon was not anywhere in the night sky. As we reached the front porch, the grandmother greeted us in the driveway.

“Did you hear that,” she shouted.

We all shook our heads no, because maybe, the fear blocked out any noises that were around. Then she nervously spoke again, “it was a loud humming, that went over the house.”

Then simultaneously, all four of us turned and look to the outline of the trees. A small orb of light descended from the sky into the trees. It faded amongst the thick growth. Suddenly the whole forest lit up like it was daytime. For twenty minutes or so the bright light illuminated the trees in the area where the tent was. Then it dimmed, and the orb of light shot to the sky and vanished.

The next day we were still awestruck from the events the night before. It was in our thoughts, and that’s all we talked about while walking up to gather our belongings. When we arrived at the site where the tent was, it was destroyed and all of our sleeping bags were ripped to shreds.

Over the next few weeks, every night we sat and watched the trees in hopes it would happen once again. But alas, It did not. To this day, I can’t even ponder what force, or being could have done this.

This is an actual account of what really happened that hot summer night. You can wonder in your own minds. Are we alone in the universe.

Image Credit: Gerard LeBlond

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