A Look at the Fluff of Hunter: The Reckoning
October 18, 2013

A Look At The Fluff Of Hunter: The Reckoning

Imagine for a moment that you wake up one day and something seems a little off to you. You cannot place it, but something in your life has changed and you cannot shake the feeling that things are different now. You go about your daily routine, trying to pin down exactly what it is that has changed. You see someone you know, a friend maybe or even a loved one, and you notice that there is something different about them, something that has always been there, only you never really noticed it before. Maybe they have this predatory gleam in their eye? An odd stench? Skin that feels more like leather than flesh? Who knows? As you continue trying to get through the day, you notice odd things about several people as you pass them, only some of them do not really look like people to you anymore. Then, something happens. You get attacked by someone, or something, or maybe you witness it happening to someone else and a part of you demands that you intervene. You act, and through your actions something impossible happens. You bend steel with your bare hands, or your touch burns the creature like red-hot coals. Do you something impossible and because of that, a monster lies dead at your feet. You have just completed your first hunt. Now, you are a hunter.

This is the story of Hunter: The Reckoning. You are an ordinary person endowed with mysterious powers by an unknown benefactor. If this were a super-hero game you would don your tights and go out and fight crime, but this is not a super-hero game. This is the Classic World of Darkness, and that means that the rest of your likely very short life will be spent fighting against horrible creatures of the night with little reward. Thankfully, you are not alone. There are others who felt that same calling as you, who possible abilities similar to your own. You band together, for that is how you will survive. Sure, that first one was luck, and maybe you could take down a few small-fry monsters on your own, but there are bigger threats out there that no hunter would dare try to take on by themselves. It’s time to own up, grab your guns, your baseball bats, your wooden stakes, your silver, your salt, and anything else you have ever seen in those old monster movies.

Hunter: The Reckoning combines a lot of elements of paranormal investigation with the monster killing, as it is the hunter’s job to hunt; go figure, right? It’s only in the name, the threats that lurk just beyond what most people see. Sure, your first one likely fell right into your lap, but the others will not be as kind. Pouring over old newspapers, looking for clues, making contacts, and working on little more but instinct and the calling of your virtue is a lot of what hunter is about. When the fighting starts, you better be prepared because, even with your supernatural endowments, your prey will likely be stronger, faster, tougher, and more able to kill you than you are it. More than a single hunter has fallen after staking a vampire through the heart, watching the creature fall, then removing the weapon to continue on, not knowing that a stake does not kill a vampire, but only sends them into a forced paralysis. Ignorance can, and will, kill your characters.

Hunter: The Reckoning was never a game I had a lot of love for. It was fun, sure, but not really what I was looking for in a supernatural horror/fight back against the darkness game. Still, a good Gamemaster can make any game work. So if you have not tried it, I would still recommend giving it a fair chance. As always, as long as you and your friends are having fun, that is all that really matters.

Image Credit: White Wolf Publishing

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