December 18, 2012

A New Theory On The Origin Of Life

For the longest time, we’ve been trying to document the origin of humanity-yet our theories have proven anything but easy to understand.

That very long and tedious road led to many successes and potential failures depending on what team you belong to, and in some places we’ve already found our origin.

Students at Arizona State University have proposed a new theory and according to their views, we’ve been approaching the question of our origin the wrong way for a very long time. They hypothesize and compare human biological systems to computer technology.

More importantly, they highlight the importance and unique relationship between animate and inanimate objects. A closer observation into this is the idea of communication of individual cells to every other part of the body for back to back feedback. IE: Things like sperm cells and its combination with egg cells that send neuro signals to the brain to provide proper biological care and nourishment for the reproduction and growth of fetuses.

This is similar to that individual internet bots communicate with their central programming to venture out into the web to read search engine results. This observation of computer technology is the simplest and fastest way for them to understand the possible feedback of biology.


Because they believe that the architecture of the way a computer is made would certainly appeal closer to our own. With a lot of thought it can be conceived that in the same way we built computers is every bit as similar and even cloned in that sense that we were built in that same way.

By we, I mean life of all forms on Earth.

Perhaps from approaching human forms with that same mind set will help us crack the possible mystery of what biological being created us? If we were created that is.

They use metaphors such as the hardware and software relationships to explain the revelation of our body. For example just as computers need software to properly use the hardware for a computer, in that same way do we need blood fluid and chemical data to properly optimize our own body organs. Sound simple enough? It may just help us to crack the code on our own biological programming.

What does this mean about our own imagination? We’ve seen various creationist theories in cinema and video game culture, and many times have we seen the proposal of ancient alien civilizations as the key founder of humanity.

The theory isn’t totally blasphemous. But how blasphemous is it? Alien life isn’t completely out of the question-remember that speaking out of knowledge of astronomy, the reason that biological life thrives so prosperously in this part of the solar system is because of our “Habitable Zone.”

What is the Habitable Zone? It’s a section of our solar system that sits comfortably between the hottest and coldest parts of the Milky Way. Moisture and our interpretation of H20 exist in its glory here. Things like bacteria and algae could replicate and reproduce, and over the course of millions of years evolve in to hybrids of mammals and reptilian life. This observation of our universe has always seemed quite accidental in essence-but again, science is nothing but theory and unproven guessing.

The question has always been “How close are we to the truth?”, where some of us question if there is any truth to be revealed. Perhaps it is only speculation and these researchers are over thinking an otherwise futile and simplistic architecture of life.

But the truth is only another complete thought away.

Cheers to Science!!!

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