A Sugar Daddy To Call Your Own
March 4, 2013

A Sugar Daddy To Call Your Own

For the sake of brushing the topic of tedious obviousness, I’ll cut straight to the matter at hand; we are all broke and need money. While you let that slowly sink into your brain, I have some food for thought that you should ponder. Prostitution ten years ago was a socially accepted blight on women — charging money so you could have your way with the girl of your dreams was frowned upon.

On the Surface

We’ve transitioned a lot farther from those times and are now experiencing what might be the next social barrier for the empowerment of women. Allow me to explain; they’re called Sugar Babies. They operate out of “Escort Sites” like SeekingArrangement.com, providing courting services to wealthy men looking to spend their hard-earned money. It isn’t an outright prostitution service since, by law, the exchange of money for sexual services is illegal.

Instead, you must think of it as a casual business venture for men to dump their money on women that would give other things back, and vice versa. Serena Cervantes, a 25-year-old college student struggling to pay $2,300 tuition uses the site as her part-time job. She says that the men don’t ultimately want just sex. A website isn’t the only method of meeting loose women to knock your junk around. Actually, these men pay up to $3,000 a month for cordial events; going out to dinner, vacations and golf trips, and even face-to-face talk sessions about their days and plans for the week.

Steven Pasternack, who founded the site back in 2002, says that there are guys who say “I’ll give you an allowance and you can put this toward whatever your needs are”, effectively leaving the door open to control freaks or men of substance. The range of men varies based on any variable really, but the purpose of applying a formal business aspect to casual dating is all the same. Many of these men are in their late 30’s and 40’s, looking to get back into that feeling of control that they once felt about women while others are looking for the next one night stand.

The Bottom Line

On the subject of controlling women; is this service a bit daunting to a woman’s independence? Obviously, it voids out the meaning of the word independent, but exactly what differentiates it from prostitution?

As mentioned above, the subject isn’t necessarily sex. While yes, some of the relationships that men and women start on this website do eventually branch out to long-term relationships and marriages, the point here is control. Men pay women so that they can have a bit of control back in their lives. When we consider this, we really understand how sad and pathetically recessive these men must be. To demand authority, a man need only do what’s right by himself.

However, this also raises the question as to what kind of outlet for authority they have in their lives.

Either way, it’s legal.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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