A Wallet With So Much to Offer
September 16, 2013

A Wallet With So Much To Offer

Not that long ago, my boyfriend was on the search for a new wallet. He did not want something that would be bulky and inconvenient nor did he want to spend a ton of money on a wallet. He wanted something practical, pragmatic, and versatile. We do a lot of traveling and participate in a lot of outdoor activities (such as hiking, fishing, backpacking, climbing, boating, skiing, camping). We are always up for journeys and adventures, so a wallet that could withstand us is well worth the time and effort to find.

Plus, he wanted something that could contribute more than just a place to hold his money, identification, and credit cards. Thus far, he has been using a rubber band, and it has worked just fine. He wanted something…more.

And he found it. It is called the TRAYVAX© wallet, and it is made to endure everything. According to the TRAYVAX website, the “wallet includes features like a carabineer clip, bottle opener, cash and receipts slot, and finger grooves for turning the wallet into a handle for carrying groceries.” On top of that it has a little pocket-like area for stuffing with bags for picking up waste when walking our dogs. It is a really neat little piece of wallet technology.

I know that normally on redOrbit, we discuss the traditional forms of technology like gadgets, devices, games, robots, and the like. But I was really impressed by this little wallet and all it could do. Plus, it is made of some of the most durable materials in the tech world. For instance, the base of the wallet is made from 6061 aircraft aluminum, which means that it is not going to break, bend, or otherwise crack for quite some time. The wallet also utilizes 550 parachute cord, which is durable and strong. As if those were not enough, it has .065 powder-coated steel, so no scratches. But durability is not its only benefit.

The wallet is also incredibly useful and versatile as well as really easy to use. Even I could transform it from an everyday wallet storage to a grocery bag holder. What really appealed to us was the fact that a carabineer could easily be added to it so that when we backpack, travel, or hike, it is easily accessible. This is one cool wallet.

Oh, and did I mention that it is RFID resistant? RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. The Homeland Security website explains, “technology uses radio waves to identify people or objects. There is a device that reads information contained in a wireless device or “tag” from a distance without making any physical contact or requiring a line of sight.”

RFID is a part of all of our daily lives in one way or another. Most of us have car keys with lock and unlock buttons…well, that’s RFID technology. Most of this RFID technology is helpful, but criminals and other less-than-decent humans could use it to gain personal information, say our credit card numbers. The TRAYVAX© wallet is RFID resistant thus those unseemly individuals cannot gain our credit card and otherwise private info. Now, if that isn’t awesome technology protection, I don’t know what is. Heck, I sort of want one for me! Especially since it costs only $24.99 (USD).

I just thought this wallet was definitely interesting and might be something redOrbit readers would want to know more about. Check out the TRAYVAX© YouTube video:

Image Credit: TRAYVAX

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