ABC announces spooky Toy Story Special
May 29, 2013

ABC Announces Spooky Toy Story Special

Sorry kids, looks like you won’t be going anywhere trick-or-treating this upcoming Halloween… that is if you want to watch the latest Toy Story television special.

According to the Huffington Post, the special titled Toy Story of Terror will debut sometime around scary-ghosts-and-free-candy night so all of you parents that treat your neighbors like crap can rejoice knowing that your child will be at home catching cavities while watching the new animated special and not be poisoned by all of those weirdos (they could be jealous about your kid’s test scores).

The new special is out to scare the batteries out of all of the toys out there. As for the synopsis, it goes a little something along these lines:

All the toys you know and love are back and this time they go on a fun loving road trip (because you know… there’s nothing at all wrong with going on a road trip with other toys in the middle of the night… during Halloween. Yeah, I thought so). They are travelling with the little girl that college bound Andy gave all his toys to. The little girl named Bonnie and her mother are going to see their grandmother (again there’s nothing wrong with that on Halloween night) while the toys are riding in the trunk when all of the sudden the car gets a flat tire.

Okay, now things are getting a little creepy but we can handle this… no problem.

At this point, Bonnie’s Mom does what any respectable mother would do on a night when ghouls and ghosts run the streets; she rents a hotel (excuse me, it’s a motel).

But then, all of a sudden the worst happens.

One of the toys comes up missing.

Shortly after that, the toys realize that they are stuck dead in the center of a mystery that must be solved in order for them to survive this horror story.

Woo, sounds pretty spooky.

Anyhow, the special will be 30 minutes in length and which should fill the primetime television slot on the America Broadcasting Network (or ABC for the cool kids). This crazy Toy Story of Terror is the first of two Toy Story specials slated for 2013 and 2014 respectively and was produced by the Pixar’s main office, even though it was supposed to be produced entirely by the Canadian studio branch.

All the voice actors from the classic films will be reprising their roles such as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and John Cusack to just name a few.  Hopefully this goes well (and this is likely to happen) so that the good folks at Pixar can make more spin-off specials of their other popular films like Monsters Inc.  and The Incredibles.

So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled this haunting season for this spooky short to hit a television screen near you and make sure you have a flashlight handy and a safety blanket close by (you know, for the nightmares after you see the scary toys).

Make sure you have your calendars marked so you make sure you don’t miss this.

Then again, you probably couldn’t handle it.

Image Credit: ABC / Disney / Pixar

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