Alicia Keys
February 26, 2013

Alicia Keys For Blackberry

It’s been a long, long time folks. How long has it been since you have even heard of the name BlackBerry in conjunction with smartphones? I won’t lie; I used to own a BlackBerry phone. I loved it, cherished it and gave it my attention all up until the advent of the iOS and Android civil war. I honestly thought the company that manufactures the BlackBerry phones, RIM (Research in Motion) had died and left the company and their products in the dust to decay. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’m sure most of you out there saw the Super Bowl and its commercials a few weeks ago. To my international friends out there, it goes a little something like this; the two best teams in American football go head to head for the championship while the audience (which is basically all of northern America) gets drunk and laughs at the new television spots that the big boy companies spend an entire year (and entirely too much money) dreaming up in their greedy little minds.

The commercial that made big news was the return of BlackBerry with brand spanking new phones and a sleek new operating system that looks to join in on the OS civil going on at this point in time.

I get it, this may be old news. “The Super Bowl was nearly a month ago. Why should I care?” is the question I am sure that is going through all of your heads.

The point is, what seems to be more of a bigger move is the one that BlackBerry has made behind the camera that weekend. The news was so discrete that most might have missed it. Internet news source IGN has posted that the company has named Grammy Award winning Singer Alicia Keys as the new creative director of the whole shindig.

The company has been suffering as of recently (which goes without saying). Their stock has quickly been hurdling and barrel rolling its way down the stock exchange with investors jumping ship at alarming rates. With Keys at the helm of creative direction, the company now re-branded BlackBerry seeks to increase the social engagement, productivity and overall make the BlackBerry name relevant once again. At the Blackberry 10 launch in New York, Keys announced that she will be working closely with the developers to deliver the best product possible.

As expected, this announcement would be victim of mixed criticism. The crowd at the press event applauded Keys on her new job, but IGN reports that in the morning after the BlackBerry stock dropped about ten percent (I guess those stockholders aren’t big fans).

It’s about time the BlackBerry decided to stand tall and come back swinging back into the game. I’m glad to see the diversity amongst the smartphone manufacturers; the consumers need more choices in this bloody war.

It’s been a while since my cell phone wore the BlackBerry logo so proudly across its sleek surface and maybe with the help of Alicia Keys the company can put more of these into peoples’ hands.

Who knows?

Is she the right girl for the job or will she just be another pretty face to compliment another sexy piece of technology?

Maybe she has all the ideas bouncing around in her head and she’s going let them all fly out in those meetings.

Here’s an idea, the company should release the new Blackberry phones with Alicia Keys’ phone number pre-installed. That would boost sales for sure.

Have good day world!

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