Amazing World Record Stunt Driving Feats
February 20, 2014

Amazing World Record Stunt Driving Feats

I think many of us remember going to the fairgrounds to see amazing stunts performed with vehicles. One in particular was the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show. His team would perform incredible stunts for the crowd.

On May 13, 1978, Joie Chitwood Jr. set a world record for driving a Chevrolet Chevette on two wheels for 5.6 miles.

Since then, many other stunt drivers have attempted world records in a vehicle.

Team Hot Wheels is another stunt driving group that has put some world records on the books.

Not sure of when they did this, but a video of a world record corkscrew jump in a vehicle was performed at the hot wheels test track. They managed a 92-foot jump from ramp to ramp while having the car make one complete roll in the air.

Another record set by Team Hot Wheels was on Sunday May 29, 2011, on the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. Before the race began, they assembled a 100-foot high suspended ramp and motored their stunt vehicle to a record setting distance through the air at 332 feet.

The ramps, built similarly to the toy Hot Wheel tracks, were set at 200 feet apart. Tanner Foust, the driver, landed 132 feet down they landing ramp. He used a custom built off-road Pro-2 truck with 875 hp for the jump.

You wouldn’t think a Chevrolet Sonic would be able to do any kind of a breathtaking stunt, let alone set a world record. But recently, one did. Top Speed featured a video of the stunt featuring the Sonic jumping in reverse to a world record backward jump of 89 feet, 3.25 inches.

The jump will be aired on March 13 at 10:30 pm on MTV‘s Fantasy Factory. To obtain the record, Rob Dyrdek who drove the Sonic, had to successfully land on the catch ramp and drive the car away. This wasn’t the first stunt successfully performed by Rob in a Sonic. Back in 2011 he did a 360-degree kick-flip.

Back on February 22, 2013 I posted a stunt from a Mini Cooper. Guerlain Chicherit took a modified Mini Cooper at the Tignes Ski Resort and did a backflip from ramp to ramp.

Using full sized vehicles aren’t the only record setting stunts achieved. In 2009, a world record jump was accomplished by a remote controlled toy car. The toy was operated by Richard Saxton who piloted the RC8B nitro powered buggy to a 137.3 foot jump. See the YouTube video here. The toy car left the ramp and soared into the air. It landed on the ground on all four wheels, but bounced and rolled, ending up back on its four wheels and drove away with no damage to the toy.

I hope you enjoyed just a few of the many crazy and insane stunts out there that are performed by stunt drivers and their modified machines. And please DO NOT TRY these at home.

Image Credit: 20 / Wikicommons

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