Amazon Adds Hashtag To Cart
May 7, 2014

Amazon Adds Hashtag To Cart

Have you ever been on Twitter and seen a tweet about a product you just have to have, but know that the second you click away from the microblogging website, you will forget about that product? But you have to have it! Well, Amazon and Twitter have teamed up with the new hashtag #AmazonCart, which will actually put the product you tweeted about in your shopping cart for the next time you make a purchase from the site.

First you’ll need to connect your Twitter account to your Amazon account. Then, any time you reply to a tweet containing an Amazon product link with #AmazonCart, you’ll take a step toward your purchase. Though you still have to visit Amazon to complete the process.

It’s a clever integration. Yet I just can’t get into it. The UPS truck (and Amazon’s private delivery service) pulls up to my house frequently. But do I want all of my Twitter followers to see what I purchase? Nope. As a follower, I also don’t want to see what you purchase. At least very few of the purchases of others interest me, and I can’t imagine that many of my purchases should be of interest to my followers. The video Amazon posted to demonstrate the service shows a woman in bed using a tablet (probably a Kindle Fire, or Amazon has missed an opportunity here). She responds to a tweet for an Oral B product, an electric toothbrush, with an #AmazonCart tweet. Is this something that I really want to know about? It is not a direct message; it shows up in your feed.

Maybe sometimes I lack vision on some of these marketing pushes. But I think this is the greatest marketing integration between two companies that will be #instantlyforgotten. This assumes that users register their account, follow products and companies that will tweet their products as an Amazon link, and then decide to actually use the #AmazonCart hashtag. While the hashtag is such a simple idea, there are actually a lot of steps. One might find it easier just to click on the link and put the item in the shopping cart – even if the purchase is completed later.

The simplicity actually has a few confirmation steps, CNET reports. “Customers who have already linked their Twitter and Amazon accounts will be notified with a reply tweet from @MyAmazon and get an email from Amazon when an item is added to the cart. Customers who haven’t yet linked their accounts will receive a tweet reply asking them to do so to enable the feature,” wrote CNET’s Roger Cheng.

CNET, like me, is taking a wait and see approach to the #AmazonCart hashtag. “It’s not clear, however, whether consumers will embrace #AmazonCart. Because all tweets are public, people risk publicizing their purchasing decisions by responding to a Tweet with that hashtag. The program could also lead to advertisers sending out more tweets with Amazon product links,” Cheng wrote.

It could also lead to very crowded news feeds if everyone tweets to #AmazonCart, then gets responses from @MyAmazon to confirm the shopping activity. Is this service something you plan to use? Or will #AmazonCart be a highly forgettable marketing ploy?

Image Credit: Thinkstock

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