An Afterlife, Science Approves
June 20, 2013

An Afterlife, Science Approves

Religions all across the world have tried to answer one of the greatest mysteries of the human life; the end of it and what happens afterwards. For the longest time scientists have been trying to stay away from things we cannot prove; but two, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, have decided to tackle this daunting mystery and make it something other than an area we have no say so in.

During the Big Bang, the most accepted theory for the beginning of our Universe, every single building block that built the stars, planets, our water, our trees, and even our own bodies was created. Our body is simply made up of a combination of various elements, nothing else. There isn’t a single part of us that cannot be created out of the elements we see in the periodic table of elements. We have known this for quite a while, but two young scientists came up with a plan to utilize this knowledge in order to create a form of afterlife.

They took the few actual facts of what we know about what happens to our bodies when we die. They knew that when a body starts to decompose various chemicals are released from the body. Taking this, they came up with an idea to give people a science-based afterlife. Over the years, they developed a sub-casket fuel cell, that once a recently a deceased body was placed in the casket, the fuel cells would harness all the chemicals released from the body that would then transform into energy; then the energy would be channeled into a traditional dry-cell battery that can be used in anything that requires batteries.

This idea actually gives people a true form of afterlife. They, or the loves ones they leave behind, can now decide what they will spend their afterlife doing. I, personally, believe theories that are created about the afterlife are more for the sake of those left behind; this project gives them a clear closure of their loved ones. When I die, if this project is a complete success, I want half of the batteries that my decaying body creates to go into a new guitar that will be given to my best friend or, if I out live him, to his child, so he can make amazing music with my life energy. The other half will be used to power a small fountain that my mother gave me when I was a child.

The project these two geniuses have created marks a new era for what we consider the “afterlife.” It may not be as magical as say going to heaven, or being reincarnated; it does, however, give a truly science-based afterlife, which is not a theory.

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