An Android Gaming Hub?
May 1, 2013

An Android Gaming Hub?

Some days I wake up and play some smartphone games just to pass the time until I have to actually do something productive. Sometimes I wonder why Android gaming couldn’t be more like Xbox Live, I mean all of my friends have smartphones, right?

All of these phones run on 4G data speeds (or at least most of them do). So, wouldn’t it be perfect to message all of your friends to see who wants to get in on a game of Angry Birds or anything of the sort? Imagine how seamless it would be to not go through all of the hassle that would be getting your home gaming console connected to a stable internet connection.

Wouldn’t it all just be simpler if your Android device had its own Xbox Live service?

It seems like at least one person in the Android boardroom shared the exact same thought process. According to the good fellas at Android Police, there may be some hope for Android gaming after all.

After searching through an APK file of the MyGlass app, they may have stumbled across a goldmine of Android goodness. Ron Amadeo of Android Police states “…this gives us a much clearer picture of what’s going on. It sounds like Google is going to take on multiplayer gaming in a big way. They’re developing a plug-in gaming service that handles every common multiplayer feature gamers have come to expect. Developers’ lives should get a whole lot easier, and multiplayer gaming on Android should get a whole lot better”.

As stated from the comments above, the multiplayer service seeks to give developers everything that they are used to and gamers, as well. Soon, with the way graphics are developing so rapidly in mobile gaming, we may see an Android take over in the near future.

Being cheaper, sleeker and basically a necessity in this day and age, the smartphone has yet another weapon in its growing arsenal for total gaming domination.

I can just see it now; nothing of productivity happening at work because the whole office is locked dead in the middle of a team death match or high school teenagers dazing off in class only to challenge their fellow classmates to a high-stakes digital street race ripped straight from your favorite Fast and Furious movie.

Pre-game chat lobbies, group chat and in-game invitations to other gamers will soon be making its way to the realm of Android gaming.

But how soon, exactly?

Well, from the findings of Android Police, Ron Amadeo simply says “The really good news is that this seems nearly finished! It being including in a shipping product suggests that it’s finished and freely floating around Google HQ. I would expect to hear a lot more about it at Google I/O.”

So, to sum it all up, it’s like this: all of that time you spend looking down at your phone in public will be doubled (if not tripled) and you will challenge your friends to first person shooter matches from the comfort of your toilet.

Oh… and you can talk trash to them.

And all of this will happen very soon.

Image Credit: venimo / Shutterstock

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