November 17, 2012

An Apple For An ‘A’

Remember when getting an A came with a fat free satisfaction?

Times have changed.

Computer devices are now installed in nearly every home in America. TV networks have shifted from Family Matters to Tyler Perry’s House of Pain. Video Games have evolved from hobbies between shifts to unhealthy obsessions that tear us away from our wives. Rap music has gone from ‘Gangsta’ to ‘Gangsta, but well fed’. The Breakfast Club has been replaced by Scary Movie, and Lord of the Rings has been upstaged by Twilight.

What we once praised as the social norm, we now revere as heretic in our society. Corporate America has made a boom in the Supply and Demand market in ways that we once thought impossible.

You can see the revolution transpiring throughout our every day lives: In the home, work and now school!

I’m speaking in regards from an article in the Huffington Post. In it, Bettina Elias Siegel  speaks on the predicament of a close friend’s child. She claims that the childs school is handing out Dairy Queen coupons in rewards for perfect attendance.

Would you like an one million dollars for cutting my lawn?

Give me a break. The rewards are in excess for something  that should be expected from children of this day and age. Why should the educational system cater to an aspect of your responsibility that is essential to YORU future.

High School works in steady doses of crappy days. Endure, Enjoy and Prosper. Simple as that.

I remember when getting an ‘A’ on an assignment (What ever blurry memory I have of it, there is) came with a bright and shiny sticker. Maybe a “Great Job!!!”, depending on whether your teacher had a crush on you or not. Speaking of Educational Love, why don’t teachers congratulate the children with lollipops anymore?!?!

I miss lollipops…

The trial of time has rendered even the educational system foreign to parents of the 21st century who hope to see their children experiencing at least half of the awesomeness that high school used to be in the 80’s. While we’re on the 80’s, what happened to Molly Ringwald?

She was hot.

I firmly believe that parents of today have become very confused by  the goals of the educational system. Maybe that confusion is a direct result of the direction and goals that have shifted! Throughout my years in grade school-aside from running clear of the potheads and cheer leading squad-I had been told that the goal of high school was to go off into the world with ‘Big Dreams’. How big can teenagers possibly dream these days when popular culture praises an Italian look alike by the name of Snooki?

My mother is a middle school counselor, which means that she spends half of her pathetically anal life listening to sob stories about boo boos and possible head injuries.

It’s a wonderful life.

She notices the difference as well-although I doubt kids really want anything more than to play with other kids their age.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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