An Expectation of Infinity
May 15, 2013

An Expectation Of Infinity

This fall, we have much to look forward to. ABC will be premiering and airing Marvel’s new TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor: The Dark World will be released in theatres in November, and before both of these, comic fans have a new event to look forward to: Infinity.

What makes this event more unique than others? Simply put, this isn’t about just the Avengers, or a group of well-known heroes, or just the mutant population; this is bigger than all of that. In this event, readers will really get an understanding why Marvel calls their works the Marvel universe as opposed to something like Marvel world (or Marvel New York). It will not just be Earth’s mightiest protecting us from Thanos, it will involve heroes from every corner of the cosmos and the universe to stop the Mad Titan. It’s not just our planet at stake, but the entire universe and readers will finally get to see the gap between Earth’s heroes and the other amazing cosmic heroes grow ever shorter.

Why Thanos though? Thanos has always been a formidable foe; not because he’s a Titan or because his twisted mentality and unnatural love for the goddess, Death, makes him particularly ruthless. What makes Thanos a foe to trump all others is his ability to obtain powers and forces beyond what mortals can handle. On more than one occasion, Thanos was able to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, a device so powerful that the controller would essentially control every aspect of the universe itself, from time, space, and beyond. Only through the most valiant efforts and greatest of lucks, has Thanos ever been beaten. His ability to obtain cosmic forces so great that the greatest of gods themselves would never use makes Thanos a fearsome opponent when he decides to strike.

Since Thanos is such a destructive cosmic foe, this really sets the scale for how much of an impact his destruction will cause if he succeeds. Few other pre-existing characters hold the same weight of cosmic power and scale; in other words, this makes the perfect foe to unite all heroes from all corners of the Marvel universe to combat this Titan. How does one save a universe from a god-like entity whose powers will most likely be unparalleled and will want to eliminate all life in the universe for his mistress, Death? One must unite all forces throughout all realms of space, and Marvel has already stated that Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, will lead the battle against Thanos.

There is much to be excited about and Marvel is hyping the scale of this event. Everything in this series will be on a larger scale than normal; cosmic forces, greater sacrifices, even greater heroes. What more could a comic reader desire? Marvel also released a sort of prequel of Free Comic Book Day with FCBD: Infinity which gave readers a look as to what to expect and a recap of events that will lead up to this year’s biggest event yet. Likewise, Marvel has showcased a look of the dramatic cover art for the series’ first issue which can be seen here:

Image Credit: Marvel

Image Credit: Marvel

Comic readers will definitely have much to be eager about this fall.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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