October 9, 2012

And The Geocache Of The Week Is…

Every week, geocachers nominate their favorite geocaches for the official “Geocache of the Week” recognition.

The chosen cache is announce in Latitude 47, the official blog with a big write up, photos, and sometimes even a video.  The cache can be located anywhere in the world. For example, the last three have been in Cologne, Germany, Salzburg, Austria and Cape Town, South Africa.  The lucky cache also gets this spiffy symbol on their cache site:

What they have in common is that they are some of the most amazing, inventive, cool geocaches known.  For example, this week’s Cache of the Week in Cologne, Germany is a love lock.

According to Latitude 47:

“Love locks are a romantic symbol of true love: Walk across a bridge with your sweetheart, affix a lock scrawled with your names to the structure, and then toss the key into the river below.

This tradition is said to have originated in Italy many years ago, but few bridges are as popular or as decorated with love locks as the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne (Köln), Germany.”

The cache itself is a lock, engraved with the  GC Code for the cache site.  So far, over 3,000 geocachers have logged a “Found it” on this cache, with more showing up every day.

The bridge is festooned with locks, all inscribed with names and dates of lovers from around the world.  By finding this geocache you have the opportunity to be a tiny part of a million love stories, and maybe add one of your own.

One down side to most Geocache of the Week caches, they are premium caches, which means to view the details of the cache, you have to have a premium membership on the site.

The upside to this is that most premium caches are TRULY inventive.  They are the caches that are the most fun to find.

These Cache’s of the Week can be of any sort.  There are singles, multis, Earth Caches, Virtual Caches.  My personal favorite so far is the Kilimanjaro Glacial Sublimation Earth Cache that won the award back in July 2010.

I’ve had a yen to see Kilimanjaro since I was a teenager listening to Toto’s song, Africa. “As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti ” (hah!   Tell me you aren’t singing it now.)  And ever since I studied glacial striations in Geology back at Lamar University, I have truly wanted to see glaciers.  I get to see evidence of them here in the Black Hills, but I haven’t seen a REAL glacier.  Plus, Africa!  Land of lions, elephants, and the great migrations!  So this cache combines so many items on my bucket list it truly isn’t funny.

I will have it one day… my precious!

The pictures alone on this cache site make it worth seeing.  To log the find, you actually have to go there and email the cache owner the answers to some question.  You are also encouraged to take a picture of yourself with the glaciers in the background and attach it to your log.

It’s worth keeping up with the Geocache of the Week, just to see the amazing places that people are placing caches, and to start your dream list.

Peace Out!

Image Credit: Juan Camilo Bernal / Shutterstock

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