October 15, 2012

Android Apps For Halloween

The spooky season is upon us, with Halloween and craft stores calling to fill your home with ghoulish style. So why not do the same to your Android phone or tablet?

After some serious perusing of Google Play, here are some suggested apps for adding some Halloween spirit to your mobile device. There are some great games, apps, and live wallpaper that can add some fun to the Halloween season.

Halloween Live Wallpaper: While there are many other live wallpapers that share the same name or function, this is one of the better choices. It enlivens your Android device with a creepy, animated background that will fit right in with the month of October. (Free)

Halloween Live Wallpaper World: For a more cartoon-like and less evil wallpaper experience, try out Halloween Live Wallpaper World. You can add in fun-looking vampires, witches, and ghosts to your Android screen. ($0.99)

Ghost Detector: Do you aspire to have close encounters with the spirit world? That is the promise behind Ghost Detector (along with some targeted advertising). The app detects nearby spirits and attempts to allow ghosts to communicate with you.  It was unclear what version of Android the spirit world is compatible with.

Ghost Finder London: There probably isn’t a better city to go finding haunted locales than London. Discover its rich and creepy history with Ghost Finder London. Most of the popular tourist sites like the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey have their own legends, but this app suggests several out-of-the-way venues. The developers also created Ghost Finder Edinburgh for some Scottish finds.  ($2.39)

Order and Chaos Online: It doesn’t have jack-o-lanterns, but plenty of goblins and other wicked creatures. Order and Chaos Online is a very engaging role-playing game that especially is great to play on a tablet.

The Dark Knight Rises: While we are on the topic of dark-themed games, The Dark Knight Rises deserves a mention here. It is one of the best first-person action games I have played in a long while, and it looks great on a phone or Nexus 7.

Image Credit: Google Play

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