Another Dragon Ball Z Movie
March 16, 2013

Another Dragon Ball Z Movie

Whether you fell in love with the glowy haired, space karate kid who saved the world from other space karate guys or not, there’s one thing that you can’t deny; Dragon Ball Z is back!

In addition, there’s one thing that I cannot deny; there’s one of two things that are roaming through your head at this moment in time. You are probably thinking “Great! Another Dragon Ball Z movie!” or you may be thinking “Great! Another Dragon Ball Z movie (sarcastically).”

So, if you are one of those people out there who took this information as good news, then I’m sure you should be ecstatic by now. This is the first the first Dragon Ball Z movie in 14 years to grace the Japanese Cinemas. Of course, the American English version of the feature may not have the same luck. You see, the English dubbed version will probably fall subject to the direct to DVD/Blu-Ray treatment.

That can’t be that bad, though.

I mean seriously, would you want to be watching Dragon Ball Z in a room full of people? No, of course not. This cartoon was meant to be enjoyed in the comfort of your rooms so every time an energy blast goes off, you can jump back and forth between couches.

The movie goes by the name of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

As for the plot, it’s going to take some imagination and some time to get used to (but what story ever in the Dragon Ball series didn’t). It goes a little something like this; after the end of the series where the world is finally saved from all threats and after the hero, Goku has trained under all sorts of masters, he finally takes a student of his own and trains him.

What happens between then and the rest of the series (which is called “GT”) has always been a mystery to fans, but this film is set in between those times and has been dubbed The Lost Decade.

The God of Destruction has finally awoken from his slumber by his accomplice, Wiss, and informs him about all of the great accomplishments that a super strong being named Goku has achieved, most notably Goku’s defeating of Galactic Overlord Freeza.

The God of Destruction hastily travels to Earth in order to challenge the one named Goku in a battle to see who is the most worthy. After ignoring all warnings, Goku accepts the deity’s challenge, because if you are an avid fan of the series then you know this guy likes to fight (a lot).

After an Earth shattering trade of fists, blood and light-beams, our hero Goku has fallen. After a quick monologue, the God of Destruction goes on a rampage to find a worthy opponent. On the course of this rampage, the deity kills off most of Dragon Ball Z heroes, including Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo.

Will there be anyone to stop this evil monster? Will Goku come back from the dead in sure form like always? Will the God of Destruction actually manage to destroy the Earth?

Stop asking me all of these questions, man.

Go see it for yourself when it hits your side of the globe; and with a distribution company like 20th Century Fox behind it, I’m sure it’ll be sometime soon.

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