Another Place For The Family
July 22, 2014

Another Place For The Family

Earlier this, I wrote about Black River Lodge in Missouri as an option for family vacations. Since then, I have written about many different places from Sequoia National Park to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and many cool stops in between. I wanted to harken back to that blog post about Black River Lodge and talk about another type of “staycation” of sorts, especially for those who live near a coast. Specifically, I want to talk about Sea Ranch, California, but I know that all along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, there are other communities like Sea Ranch.

So, just what is Sea Ranch? Well, it is a little coastal community just south of Gualala, California, where people can rent beautiful coastal homes for vacations. There are homes just off the beach all the way up into the mountain that backs up to the beach. These homes are likely owned by somebody who rents them out when they are not in residence at the place. And what a great, relatively affordable way to have a staycation for those who live in states with communities like this. For a flat fee, families can rent a house that will have a gorgeous view in one way or another. The families bring their own food, games, fun, and household goodies and can use the home otherwise. Many of these homes come with bedding, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff, and the like while others leave all that to the vacationing renters.

At Sea Ranch, the beachside homes do cost more than those tucked in the mountainside, but they also come with the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean. I have stayed on the mountainside and on the beach side, and I personally prefer the mountainside homes although I would never put my nose up at the beachside stays. I like the mountainside because it seems a bit more secluded and calmer. And visitors can still make their way to the beach with just a little walk. It is nice to wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see the ocean waves crashing into the beach, but I can set an alarm and walk down to experience that as well. Either way visitors go, they will not be dissatisfied.

What is further great about Sea Ranch in particular is that it is located just off of California’s famed Highway 1, which is one stunning drive. It is a demandingly slow road to travel on, but the vistas make the added time worth every second. This summer, we met up with good friends of ours who were staycationing at Sea Ranch. One day we all woke up and decided that a nice Highway 1 drive was in order, so we packed up our cars and started north to go to Mendocino, California, a charming town just off of Highway 1 and the coast well known for its food, shopping, and views. Our friends, who are native Californians, explained to us that Mendocino is a nice vacation and retirement town that has basically the same whether all year. I could definitely understand why people would want to travel there and live there. And Highway 1 has a surfeit of towns and vacationing experiences like this.

Sea Ranch is a vacation community just off the coast that makes for one impressive memory. Like I said earlier, I know that there are many other communities like this off the coasts, but Sea Ranch is one I visited this year, so I thought I would share its fun with others so that they, too, could experience a lovely place to vacation.

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