November 13, 2012

Apple Just Bought You A Swiss Clock For Christmas

You know, you aren’t a very easy person to shop for.

I know, you’ll hide behind your distinguished tastes and penchant for socially responsible goods and services, but when the time comes, no one knows what gift will make you happy.

Take Apple for instance. What was once a company known for releasing the best and the brightest products with an eye for timeless designs has now become plain and blasé in your eyes. Sure, you found the iPhone 4 attractive in its own industrial, Bauhaus kind of way, but you turned your nose up at the iPhone 4S. “How will anyone know I have the New One?” you asked, dismissing it altogether as last year’s fashion. The iPhone 5 received a similar treatment as “not different enough,” and even received reviews as “too light” by many.

When the 3rd generation iPad was released, you thought it was thicker, heavier and hotter than the iPad 2. The new Retina screen didn’t impress you, and you claimed Apple’s innovation had finally died.

That hasn’t stopped Apple from trying to win you over, to finally give you something you‘d be proud to carry around, something to really make you happy.

That’s why Apple just bought you a $21 million Swiss clock.

When iOS 6 was released, iPad users noticed something very distinct yet familiar about the built-in clock app. Some users began to google and noticed that the clock looked strikingly similar to the famed Swiss Railway clock. The Swiss rail operator, SBB, contacted Apple and asked them to pay them for use of the iconic clock face or kindly remove it from their app.

“We enjoy the fact that the Swiss railway clock is being used by Apple. It once again proves that it’s a real piece of design,” said SBB spokesperson Christian Ginsig in September when the issue first arose.

“This act, however, is an unauthorized use [of the clock’s design] by Apple.”

Apple and SBB quickly reached an agreement which allowed Apple to continue using the clock in their native app, though neither made any mention as to what the terms of this deal may have been.

This weekend, All Things D went digging through some Swiss news reports and found that Apple may have paid the SBB a whopping $21 million to give you this beautiful and timeless clock.

Apple remains mum on the issue, hoping you’ll one day appreciate all they’ve done for you and maybe, just maybe, say “thank you” for once.

In addition to providing you with a beautiful desktop clock in either 9.7- or 7.9-inches, Apple would also like to point out that you can stream live television, read new books to your children, navigate a brand new city, or keep track of all your favorite photos, all in one device.

But, of course, if that isn’t good enough for you, they’ll probably start building the one thing you’re bound to love: A new television set.

After all, how great with those reality show stars look in a stunning 42-inch Retina display?

Just try not to get too caught up in the fact that it’s made in China…

Image Credit: JuergenG, modified by Rainer Z

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