July 18, 2012

Apple Really Satisfies

Apple’s iPhone isn’t a fluke, despite the arguments of many loyal Android fans. Apple’s marketing, while slick, only persuades users to buy the device the first time. When a customer comes back for their second, third and even fourth iPhone, however, marketing takes a back seat to Apple’s incredible ability to build a product that “just works.”
Today, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) released their latest report of customer satisfaction for a myriad of industries, including Cellular Telephones. Apple makes their first appearance on the cellular telephone ASCI list this year, along with competitors HTC, LG, and RIM, and they started off on a very strong note.

Rated at a chart-topping 83 out of 100, Apple has scored higher than Motorola, Nokia, or Frenemies Samsung ever have in the past 9 years. LG, HTC and Nokia are all tied for second at 75 points. Apple has been listed before on ASCI lists, but only for their PC sales.

Not every phone company has reason to celebrate this news, of course. RIM, another newcomer to the list, can simply add this report to their ever-growing heap of bad press. The extremely troubled BlackBerry maker scored a pitifully low 69, landing at the bottom of the list. If RIM wants to find a silver-lining, they scored higher than Facebook, who scored a record-setting low of 63 in the social media category.

“For many users, the advent of smartphone technology has dramatically changed what they look for in a cell phone device. Two smartphone makers, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM), enter the ACSI with very different results. At 83, Apple (iPhone) leads the field by a long shot, while RIM (Blackberry) lags behind as the least satisfying at 69,” reads the press release for these numbers.

“At 83, Apple’s iPhone is a game changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other cell phone company has ever broken into the 80s. Apple’s nearest competitors this year are three companies tied at 75: Nokia (+3%) and ACSI newcomers LG and HTC.”

No stranger to the top of customer satisfaction surveys, Apple’s PCs have routinely earned high scores with the ASCI. Last year, Apple earned a score of 87, nine points higher than the second-place Hewlett-Packard. In fact, Apple has held a 9-point advantage over their second-place competitors for 3 years running.

It’s worth mentioning that 2 out of the three phone manufacturers which have some history on the ASCI list actually lost points in the customer satisfaction review.

Motorola, for instance, lost 5.2 points since last year, slipping to 73 from last year’s 75. Samsung lost 4.1 points over last year, scoring a 71 from last year’s 74. Only Nokia managed to gain some ground on the existing phone manufacturers, earning an additional 2.7 points over last year’s score. Overall, this survey further proves that the smartphone wars largely belong to the new kids, Android and Apple. It’s a basic question of quality of quantity. There may be more Android handsets sold each year, but if Apple can consistently come in as a close second and score higher on the satisfaction lists, then they’ve done Steve Jobs proud.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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