Apple To Reveal A Gaming Console?
April 29, 2013

Apple To Reveal A Gaming Console?

I know, I know; April Fool’s Day has already passed, and to the creators of that hilarious spoof video advertisement on the tech giant’s imaginary game console, you’re funny. But this is no joke. At least, that’s not the way it seems now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that Apple is to reveal a new product category for Apple, not to be taken lightly considering how innovative most of Apple’s technology tends to be.

I’ll rule out the possibility of a smart watch for the sake of humoring you all. Instead, I’d like to concentrate my theory on a potential gaming console from Apple. Why? Because I’m really just wondering if the console would either fail or succeed with consumers. Apple seems to be really good at creating technology that people will continuously buy. In fact, a recent report on their iPad sales highlights a much larger increase in profits, as opposed to the projected numbers from analysts.

I would call it an iPlay; not because Apple has the sense to do this, but because the hardware would have to be cross compatible in design and with features to other Apple products. It would need to have the same Cloud database service as any other console on the market, and its parts would need to be upgradeable for unholy sums of money. The machine would need to be exclusive to desktop and laptop computer gaming to combat Valve’s new Steambox, which would also reboot the Mac vs PC war on the gaming realm.

The reason the machine wouldn’t bother with living room console gaming ties closely to the fact that Apple has already dominated the tablet and smartphone market. To take a dip into a gaming sector would mean that they’d need to sell at an extreme loss for years before realizing that home consoles do not generate a decent amount of profit.

Of course, these aspects hold no ground unless we have so shade of hope to truly give you an idea of what I’m talking about. I can start by saying that Tim Cook has announced that Apple will be holding their developers conference the same week as E3 this year. If you’re not teaming with curiosity yet, please allow me to explain.

Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) tends to concentrate on software and IOS games and software, but new hardware has been revealed before in recent years. Why hold an event of that magnitude the same week as the biggest gaming conference for current and next generation hardware?

My guess is that Apple is trying to bust down the doors of traditional game announcements, or possibly they want to make themselves seem more special than any of the other consoles on the market. Either way, Apple will be revealing their new technology category later this year the same week as E3 2013.

Please be an iPlay. I’ll laugh until I die.

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