Apple’s iPlay Console
April 6, 2013

Apple’s iPlay Console

Still an April Fool’s joke, but don’t pretend that you didn’t see that one coming.

They imagined the box exactly as I pictured it. Apple’s style is so aesthetically driven that any technology junkie would have been able to design the console themselves, never mind the lack of hardware or software knowledge that we might not possess. The console architecture was typically small, the box itself resembling a Mac Mini, and the buttons made me imagine what it must be like turn it on.

I imagined for a second that I had one, and in that imagination I was sure that at some point next generation games would flood the screen. Nice words would spew out of the designer’s mouths, things like “Quintessentially,” “Perfect,” and, of course, “Innovative.”

I was half right.

I was treated to interviews with the designers about why they originally signed on to develop the machine. Ultimately these interviews needed to walk a thick line on the edge of fakeness to truly make me understand that it wasn’t real. I will admit that this disappointed me. However, you shouldn’t mistake my disappointment with jealousy, since I laughed harder that I think I ever will at any console.

These guys are clowns. At least, they would be if they were being serious. The video was a political statement about the audacity of Mac designers and the gaming industry’s resentment of them. The actors showcased a variety of games such as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, and of course Angry Birds: Fast and the Furious. This was pure ridiculousness! And then again, isn’t this exactly what Apple would do?

They nailed it right on the head by calling it “Quintessentially Perfect.” Who uses that phrase when describing a games console? More importantly, was Apple laughing when they saw this video?

The console is more of a preview into the future, if not a hypothetical scenario of what would happen if Apple dipped their feet into the console gaming industry. They already dominate the smartphone, and thus, smartphone gaming. Walking through that door might spell frustration for the company and fans alike.

To be frank, I’ll say that Microsoft and Sony hardly profit at all from current generation consoles by innovating good visuals and great game-play. Packing hardware to push realistic boundaries is no easy task, and often times the developers resort to lighting effects to fool gamers into thinking that they have a truly powerful machine. “It looks good enough for me” and “Who cares about visuals, anyway?” are only a few of the most used phrases by casual gamers. It’s a conundrum of compromises that sadly leave a lot of gamers on the angry side.

Does Apple really want another population of tech junkies barking at them about pushing perfect games with over-expensive prices?

Image Credit: Apple

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