April Movies
March 24, 2013

April Movies

We’re almost through March and already we have had some pretty solid releases at the box office lately. So far, we’ve had Jack the Giant killer, which really surprised me; it actually turned out to be a decent flick. Then we had Oz: the Great and Powerful, which is currently taking over the world; and most recently we had The Croods.

That’s all great for this month, but what should we be saving up our allowance for in the coming month?

Well, I’m the one with the crystal ball here; so as I gaze into the smoke, here are the movies that I see will be the hottest of April.

Evil Dead: A lot of people out there are getting all riled up about this feature because many of them think this movie will bring the horror film genre back to the glory that it once had, none of that Paranormal activity nonsense. This movie boasts real emotion, real monsters and real fear. Personally, I can’t even handle the commercials or maybe I’m just being a big baby. Anyway the film releases on April 5th…if you can handle it.

Jurassic Park 3D: Perhaps this is a shameless money grab, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is freakin’ Jurassic Park in freakin’ 3D! Let’s take a trip back to the park that really shouldn’t be open to the public. The film re-releases on April 5th. Check the trailer below.

Oblivion: Tom Cruise stars in this Sci-Fi adventure flick. Cruise plays a veteran who is assigned to take the earth’s remaining energy sources, but things get a little dicey (okay, a lot dicey) when he starts to question the mission. Who knows how this thing will turn out, but all I know is the film also stars one of my favorite actresses at this moment in time, Olga Kurylenko. Here’s a little side note; she also co-stars in one of my favorite series out right now; Magic City. That’s a pretty good TV show. Anyhow, the film releases on April 12th.

42: This is a bio-feature of MLB legend, Jackie Robinson, who was the first African-American to sign to the league in its history. You can see Chadwick Boseman star as the Brooklyn Dodger in this epic alongside Han Solo… I mean Harrison Ford, who plays the color barrier breaking Major League Baseball executive who signs Robison and acts as a source of guidance to the troubled athlete. See Jackie Robinson’s struggle through a racially divided league and nation on April 12th.

Pain & Gain:  I’m personally excited for this one. This is the film that started a million internet memes saying “Do you even lift?” and single-handedly sent a surge of pride to bodybuilders everywhere. The Rock and Mark Walhberg, two-thirds of a trio that wind up stuck in the middle of an extortion ring plus a kidnapping scandal that goes horribly wrong. The muscle man movie releases into theatres on April 26th.

And there you have it folks. The days of March Madness are counting down, but there’s no room to fear; your April calendar is already marked.

I just hope you have your popcorn ready.

Image Credit: vinz89 / Shutterstock

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