Are Aging Shows Of Summer Running Out Of Ideas?
July 2, 2013

Are Aging Shows Of Summer Running Out Of Ideas?

The people of Miami might be happy that the Heat won the NBA championship, but they certainly can’t like the way the city is depicted on Showtime’s Dexter. The drama about the serial killer who just happens to work for the police is wrapping up its final season this summer, and even after just a single episode, it is clear it is time for Dexter to retire. He moved from his usual fall airings to summer and everything is worse for it.

Not only does this one make it seem like Miami has more serial killers than it does senior living communities, it is actually filmed in Long Beach, Calif. Talk about insulting!

What really makes this one seem like its time has run is that it doesn’t exactly seem fresh anymore. In the single outing of the new season, Dexter is on the outs with his (adopted) sister, and yet another serial killer is in town doing something creepy – in this case cutting out the anterior insular cortex, the portion of the brain that controls empathy.

Without sounding like this TV buff lakes this portion of the brain… yawn! We’ve seen so many dismembering serial killers on this show that who cares if there is one more. The show (spoiler alert) pretty much jumped the shark last season when Dexter’s sister learned he was a serial killer. That should have been the turning point towards the ending, but instead it dragged on and now Dexter has broken “Harry’s code” – the set of rules set down by his adopted father – so many times it isn’t much of a code.

At least we’re into the final stretch, so hopefully this show will pick up steam before its grand climax.

Things aren’t a lot better on HBO’s True Blood – which aired at the same time as Dexter. For a show that started out vampires living alongside people, we now have werewolves, shape shifters, witches and even faeries. Perhaps this was summed up best when Sookie Stackhouse — the shows main character — uttered the words a couple of seasons ago, “I’m a fairy? How f*****g lame.”

If it was lame back in 2010, imagine how it is now when it turns out she’s not just an f’ing fairy/faerie but also a fairy/faerie princess! (Spoiler Alert) That’s not all. Tara is a vampire, Bill is a godlike vampire and Jason is still stupid.

What makes this all so hard to handle is that the TV show has long since diverged from the books. In fact, little exists between the two worlds that it is obvious why some fans of the books can’t embrace the TV show.

With two of Sunday night’s shows showing a lack of creative juices we still have hope as Breaking Bad returns in a month for its final eight episodes. Perhaps Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, knew that it is best to go out on top and leave audiences wanting more.

In the case of True Blood and Dexter, all we’re left wanting is for the show to end so we can watch The Newsroom (which returns soon) on HBO and/or Showtime’s new Ray Donavan. Out with old already.

Image Credit: Showtime Networks Inc.

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