Are Aliens Forming A New Type Of Crop Circle, Ice Circles?
March 31, 2013

Are Aliens Forming A New Type Of Crop Circle, Ice Circles?

Crop circles are a pattern in fields caused by the flattening of the crops. These formations have been routinely noticed since the early 1960s, with the first reports being released from Tully, Australia, and Alberta, Canada. But since then, most all crop circle reports have been from southern England.

There have been many theories of how these crop circles are formed. Scientist have concluded that weather or a natural phenomenon, animals, or humans are the cause; but most are made by humans as a prank, a hoax, or some people are actually paid to create one.

With most of these creations explained, there are still many left to the imagination with UFOs being the top creator of this phenomenon. Many earlier reports of crop circles were after witnesses observed a UFO hovering over the field where the crop circle appeared.

One of the latest crop circle reports is from Eden, New York. It was not formed in a field of crops, but in a small frozen pond near the home of Peggy Gervase. These marks were perfectly round areas where the ice was melted (see the photo she took and the interview here.) She posted the photo on the Facebook page of WGRZ TV asking for help. She described the phenomena as “eerie in a way but cool in a way.”

There were over 40,000 views and over 200 comments and some explanations like an elephant walking on the ice, flatulent geese, meteors, or fish swimming in circles. Other explanations were warm water pockets and gases from rotting vegetation rising to the surface.

But of course the most popular explanation was they were formed by aliens. When Gervase was asked by Ron Plants from WGRZ if she saw strange lights in the sky, she laughed and said, “I’m not that far gone yet.” She was then asked if any secret government experiments were taking place on her property. She answered, “You’re killing me here, I can’t divulge that.”

Plants then asked if she had been visited, she answered, “No, I don’t, no. You’re scaring me again.”

If beings from another world did leave these formations on the pond in Eden, New York, they have switched their ploy from farmland to ice covered ponds.

Join me next time for another interesting account of Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Public Domain via WikiMedia

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