December 5, 2012

Are The Salem Witches Returning For Justice?

Witch craft is the art of casting spells and conjuring up potions. Many believe that it is Satanism. For this reason, in the early days, witches were deemed as evil forces and must be destroyed. During the Salem witch hunts, these entities were sought out, tried, and killed. My fascination with the paranormal, supernatural, and the unknown has lead me to search for interesting stories about these topics. The Joshua Ward house falls neatly into the realm of paranormal activity. The following is a brief account of what transpired during the Salem witch hunts.

The History:

The Joshua Ward house is one of Massachusetts most haunted homes. It was built in the mid 1780’s by sea captain Joshua Ward. It is centered in the town of Salem Mass., and built on the same land that Sheriff George Corwin, also known as “The Strangler,” lived. He sought out people suspected of practicing witchcraft, brutally interrogated them, then slowly choke the life from them by hanging. This is how he became known as “The Strangler.”

Sheriff Corwin was responsible for all 19 executions of the suspected witches, during the Salem witch hunts of 1692 and 1693. During the interrogations, the sheriff would tie their necks to their ankles, and sometimes even crush them with rocks, trying to get a confession. This was an old English law allowing him to do that. As their life was being choked away, many of the victims cursed the sheriff, and anyone who was involved with this senseless cruelty.

In 1697 sheriff Corwin died of a heart attack and was buried in the basement of his home. Partly because it was winter and the ground was frozen. But mainly, his family feared his body would be dismembered by angry towns people. Years later his body was dug up and placed into the Broad Street Cemetery. One myth is when a body is disturbed from its grave, the spirit becomes confused and restless.

Sightings and Experiences:

There have been many sightings and experiences within these walls. One in particular is a woman with black hair wandering the halls. Possibly searching for her killer. She has been captured in a photograph by the current residence. In this photograph, she seems very angry. Photo can be viewed at:

Another account is a man named “Giles Corey,” who was wrongly accused of being a Salem witch. He was crushed by rocks and died during the interrogation. But before he passed he cursed the sheriff. It also affected several sheriffs for years to follow.

Other accounts include, trashcans being overturned, certain rooms containing cold spots, candles being removed from their holders and being melted and bent into an s shape. Books randomly fly from their shelves, and rooms become messed up.

Even the sheriff has been reported being seen sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace. Many people have said they feel a presence, and hands around their throat choking them. Some say it is the sheriff continuing his brutal acts or the witches themselves returning and sharing their demise.

To this day paranormal activity still haunts the Joshua House.

Join me next time for another interesting account in Supernatural Endeavors.

Image Credit: TsuneoMP / Shutterstock

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