Asphalt 7: Heat - Put On Your Driving Gloves
May 15, 2013

Asphalt 7: Heat – Put On Your Driving Gloves

There is an entire world of role playing racing games like Pole Position from 1982, Rad Racer from 1987, Top Gear from 1992, the first Need for Speed and NASCAR Racing from 1994, and the first Gran Turismo from 1997. There have also been multiple others released over the years.

I have played most of the ones mentioned above, especially Pole Position, when I was much younger and going to the arcade. One that I am not familiar with is the Asphalt series; actually I have never heard of this game until today, when I noticed it on Top Speed. It sounds interesting and I will have to check it out.

The latest version from the Asphalt racing game series is Asphalt 7: Heat. It is developed and published by Gameloft, and was released on June 21, 2012. It can be used on the iPhone, as well as the iPad. On June 29, 2012 it was released for the Android, and on February 27, 2013 for the Windows 8 Phone. It is also available for the Kindle fire.

Game play is for a single player done by either tilting the device or touching the side of the screen to steer. There is also an online multiplayer version that can be accessed by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for local play, and globally with any internet connection.

The game features a total of 60 cars in seven classes or tiers. There are a total of 150 races on tracks from Paris to Rio with six game modes.

Tier one features twelve different cars like the Mini Cooper S Coupe, Land Rover, DeLorean, Shelby GT500, two Nissan 370Zs, and two BMW’s.

Tier two features twelve different cars like the Audi TT RS Coupe, Mustang GT, Chevrolet Camaro GS,  Plymouth Prowler, and a Dodge Charger SRT8 Police.

Tier three has nine different cars including, two BMWs, two Aston Martins, Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT8s, and a Lamborghini.

In the remaining four tiers, vehicles include a variety of super cars from Bentley, Ferrari, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Jaguar, and Bugatti.

Tracks are set in cities like Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and Rio. You compete in 15 leagues, 150 races in six different modes.

Out of the 778 reviews from Amazon for the kindle tablet version, 483 gave it five stars, 163 four stars, 41 three stars, 17 two stars, and 74 gave it only one star.


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