B-52 Bombers And Propaganda Videos
March 21, 2013

B-52 Bombers And Propaganda Videos

This morning when I checked on CNN, there were two articles about the United States and North Korea. One article was about North Korean propaganda that claims that the North Koreans can destroy the White House with a nuclear attack. The other article discusses the current US-ROK military drills that are currently happening in South Korea.

Both of these actions are reactions to what the other is doing. The United States and South Korea have military drills routinely to practice their battle readiness in case North Korea does attack. I do find having military drills necessary, but this is not just a routine practice; it is more significant than a normal routine.

This is a strategic show of force by the United States and South Korea, to peacock back at North Korea. The United States is flying in B-52 bombers from Guam, to demonstrate to North Korea the most powerful tools they have access to.

As one can imagine, North Korea is not taking kindly to the United States flying in its most powerful bombers. In the CNN article, the state news agency reported that a spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry described the bombers as an “unpardonable provocation”. “The DPRK is now closely watching the move of B-52 and the hostile forces will never escape its strong military counteraction, should the strategic bomber make such sortie to the peninsula again,” KCNA reported.

I think it’s unpardonable that the North Korean government shelled an island and killed two marines and two civilians, and then threatened to shell people again for having a memorial service in honor of the people killed.

There is a specific reason you don’t pull this kind of stuff on the American military. If you tried to shell an American military base, and killed American soldiers or marines, the U.S. would end your reign in a blaze of hellfire.

The other article is North Korea showing America being destroyed by the hellfire they claim that they can release. The North Korean government released a video on YouTube recently showing the North Korean military demonstrating the power of their different weapons, including artillery and their large missiles on display during parades. At the end of the video it shows missile attacks against the White House and the Capitol.

Simultaneously, the narrator for the video says, “The White House has been captured in the view of our long-range missile, and the capital of war is within the range of our atomic bomb.” They also said the “fuse of nuclear war is slowly burning and that there will be no warning of North Korean plans.”

Analysts have concluded that North Korea does not have the capability to reach Washington D.C. I am not worried about North Korea. Maybe I should be more concerned than I am, because James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, said that “their rhetoric is propaganda…it is an indicator of their attitude and perhaps their intent…. I’m very concerned about what they might do.”

I am not worried, but I also think we need to be prepared just in case North Korea does attack, no matter how unlikely it is. Being unprepared is foolish.

“These programs demonstrate North Korea’s commitment to develop long-range missile technology that could pose a direct threat to the United States, and its efforts to produce and market ballistic missiles raise broader regional and global security concerns,” Clapper told the Senate Intelligence committee.

This whole rhetoric of “come at me bro” is getting a little old hat, and it has been that way for years, before I even came to South Korea. South Koreans don’t even bat an eye at news from North Korea anymore. I have been more nervous about the tensions, but even I am starting to care less and less when they say something. I don’t want the peninsula to break out in to war, because that would be devastating to the peninsula.

Image Credit: Steve Mann / Shutterstock.com

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