Bacon And Marriage
February 7, 2014

Bacon And Marriage

People love bacon. I mean love it. Now, for full disclosure’s sake, I am not one of those who loves bacon. In fact, I am in the minority of people who actually despises this meat. I am a vegetarian, true, but even when I ate meat as a kid, I did not like bacon. I know. That makes me un-American, but I understand that the rest of the world loves, loves, loves bacon. People buy bacon-flavored gum, booze, toothpaste, and so much more. Bacon makes people go nuts because they just love it so much. I believe it was the comedian Jim Gaffigan who said that a rainbow needed to come from the tray of bacon at a buffet amongst other funny bits about bacon.

There are even bacon festivals around the country (and possibly around the world) where the entire weekend celebrates bacon in all its glory. That is love for a food. When a place has an entire festival dedicated to just one cut of meat that is pure love. I have been to peach festivals and pecan festivals. Heck, I have even enjoyed nut, beer, and dairy fests, but I have never been to a bacon festival.

But this article is not really about the bacon festival. It is actually about what happened at one bacon festival in Des Moines, Iowa. As the Associated Press recently reported, bacon was not the only thing sizzling at the Des Moines Bacon Festival that took place the first weekend of February. Apparently, the love for bacon inspired two couples to declare their love for each other at the bacon festival.

You read that correctly; at this most recent bacon festival in Des Moines, two different couples married. The first couple to wed at the bacon festival was Tricia Snyder and Tom Watson. Their marriage ceremony took place on Saturday, and they decided to do so at the bacon festival because they “enjoy bacon together every weekend.”

As Mr. Watson said of his new bride, “She’s second only to bacon.”

The AP explained of the Snyder/Watson wedding,

“The chapel where the couple married had a wall full of windows that looked out over an arena full of vendors selling bacon-filled foods.

They exchanged vows about staying together “in good times and bacon,” but for the most part they kept their ceremony traditional.

Afterward, a cake topped with a bacon-strip bride and groom awaited the couple and their guests.

Before Watson, Snider and their guests got to the reception, and the pork loins Watson had wrapped with bacon and smoked, they spent time touring the exhibit halls at the festival.”

The second couple to declare their legal marriage was Craig and April Rouch. Not much else was said of their ceremony.

Now, I understand really loving a food. I understand loving a food with your partner. But loving a food so much that your partner is a close second for your love seems a bit much. But that is just what bacon does to people. Some love this food so much that nothing fills their heart with more joy than a pile of crisp, salty bacon. For many, bacon makes all foods better: sweet, sour, savory, or otherwise. Bacon is it.

The Des Moines Bacon Festival showed just how much people love bacon when the food inspired these two couples to declare their vows at the festival. Now that’s a double whammy of love.

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