Battlefield 4 reveal on March 26th
March 18, 2013

Battlefield 4 Reveal On March 26th

You better believe it!!! EA and DICE have teased that they will be announcing their sequel to the critically acclaimed, large-scale warfare first person shooter Battlefield 3 this month! If you’re as excited as I am, then you’re not excited at all. However, I have a lot of appreciation for DICE’s development cycle and handling of a first person shooter in light of their competition with Call of Duty.

Is that appreciation rooted in fan boy console war mysticism? Perhaps it is, but how are you going to stop me from having a voice?

While I have some animosity for DICE in light of their handling of Battlefield 3’s development, I can’t ignore the fact that the game was a benchmark PC gem that ran oh so smoothly on my gaming rig. I also must consider that while DICE hasn’t developed Battlefield 3 to my liking, they have respected the PC platform’s obvious capabilities of graphical and technical advancements in comparison to the home consoles.

But here we are, DICE has teased that they are announcing, much less anticipating the release of Battlefield 4. Those of us who were paying attention these past few years know that DICE believes heavily in making a great game.

Just last year, DICE hinted in an interview that they were jumping ships from the traditional 32-bit systems that game developers have stuck with for the past ten years of gaming and going to 64-bit. Why the jump between these two? Well, it more than likely has something to do with the fact that 32-bit systems are restricted to just four gigabytes of system RAM, among other technical aspects. With that technical limitation, most games you’ve played this current generation have been on a 32-bit console.

This isn’t to say that 32-bit has been bad, so to speak. In fact, most games have seen a benefit from 32-bit systems since the main consoles only utilize 32-bit games. The noticeable difference is through RAM capacity, which can contribute to the amount of detail you see in video game graphics on short memory. RAM can be your best friend when considering drawback distances, mod support, and even color pallet details.

32-bit systems have a limitation of four gigabytes of RAM. Beyond this, your computer will not be applicable for utilizing the entire RAM on the machine. To better improve on this, a 64-bit computer can have a much higher amount of RAM, and hence, a much more impressive graphical fidelity for consumers. Not only this, but the increase can mean an easier cycle of creation for the developers whom have traditionally ported and re-coded multiplatform games to better fit their respective console specifications.

If you were paying attention to the PS4 conference held last month, then you’ll know that the PS4 has been confirmed to have eight gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM. This technical aspect has been praised by first and third party developers alike for its ease of optimization in comparison to the PC, as opposed to the current generation’s optimization difficulty.

Here we go, DICE. Take us into the next generation of gaming with a new and improved Battlefield!

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