Ben Affleck Is The NEW Batman
August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck Is The NEW Batman

I’ve seen much crazier roles in film (Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice AND Batman?!?!), but now Ben Affleck is slated to play the next Batman in the Superman/Batman spin off, but can this be any more awkward?

Ben Affleck deserves this role, if anything. His work as the amateur entrepreneur in the early nineties earned him a nice reputation as the King of Hollywood around that time. Good Will Hunting and Dogma are the reasons that I justify Affleck’s cocky personality, but I generally don’t hold much hope for him as an actor. If anything, Affleck is the next modern day Plato, given that he’s known to be one of the most controversial actors of the 21st century.

Although, thinking back on his post production sentiments of Daredevil, Affleck expressed discomfort and embarrassment in wearing costumes, which is likely why we never saw a sequel to the film adaptation of one of comic book’s most fearless characters. Taking on Michael Clarke Duncan (may he rest in peace) as Kingpin and Colin Ferrell as Bullseye is a notable feat in any actor’s resume, but who needs a resume when you’re married to the daughter of Aerosmith?!?!?

Yes, Affleck certainly has the track record to back up a performance as Batman, but why is this such a shocker to the media? Twitter feeds have exploded in anger and disgust when they’d discovered that the Aggro star was intended to star alongside another Superman actor, in light of Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman series. This is an exciting time for comic book fans, and the film industry in general, but that shouldn’t suggest that we don’t have a few hurdles to jump through on this one.

Firstly, Ben Affleck is cocky before anything. Do we really want to support the glory of a man who probably shouldn’t have it due to a big head? When I see Affleck performing, I don’t take into account that I’m seeing a renowned and (Seemingly) skilled actor giving a great interpretation of character; I see a man with so much wit and intelligence that he’d rather spend twenty minutes reciting lectures on college level philosophy.

Ben Affleck isn’t a Batman type. Hell, Christian Bale wasn’t that great of a Batman, even with all of Christopher Nolan’s tampering with the Dark Knight trilogy. And then again, that’s why we call them actors. And still, again, actors are known to have the “Type” performers.

Type performers are very typical, all around smart guys that you usually find in movies that they shouldn’t be in. The last three Scary Movies have used Type actors-not really performance artists then they are jokesters. Denzel Washington is a Type actor.

Yet even Denzel Washington is held by public and popular opinion to be the greatest actor of all time. If he had his way, Washington would be the next Spawn, God, and probably Static Shock if you gave him enough makeup. I’d hate to be ‘THAT’ guy, but it’s my opinion. Opinions can never be wrong, right?

I’d like to think so, but it’d be hypocritical to not think that power and public opinion aren’t the same thing. With that being sad, I don’t respect the Oscars or Tony Awards, and I don’t bother with keeping up with reality television and independent films. Looking at this, I’d say Affleck’s securing of this role are more power related than talent related, and no, I don’t think I’m being to overbearing. More to come in a future blog post!!!

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