November 30, 2012

Benjamin Button’s Case Not So Curious?

Imaginary endeavors are being shattered every day with scientific revelations – 2012, The Lochness Monster. And now even movies are being toppled.

With respect, Brad Pitt’s performance in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was phenomenal. Perhaps it was our perception of “Old to Young” that stole our tendencies to constantly bash the obviously imaginary. Ironically, we see a lot of those kinds of people when reading film critiques.

It’s painfully obvious that the events of Prometheus didn’t exist, and probably never will by our standards-so why did I see over thirty (Yes, I counted) film critiques constantly bashing the scientific as well as ethical boundaries of that film? Exactly what do people get out of chiming in their extra two cents in the debate when we already have the $1.25 for soda at the vending machine?

I suppose it’s not a debate until someone makes it into one-and yet the sides can’t help but be defined, in that personified sense.

I digress.

Benjamin Button.

Most don’t know it, but the idea of an aging man had already been done with Robin Williams in his performance of “Jack”. In it, we meet Jack-a regular boy with a very rare disease that causes his body to age very rapidly throughout the years of his childhood. How rapidly, you might be asking?

He hit 85 by the time he graduated high school.

Just like Benjamin, Jack had been thrust  into a world with very unusual circumstances. Up until the releases-and contemplation thereof, most people couldn’t perceive that such a biological abnormality could occur.

Prepare to be amazed.

Meet Matthew and Michael Clark-two men comfortably in their late thirties and early forties, yet aging quite uncomfortably backwards in terms of their mental health. No, they’re not crazy! They’ve both contracted an incredibly rare genetic disease called leukodystrophy . It attacks white matter in the nervous system-which is found in everything, brain, spinal cord, nerve tissue-the condition has slowly broken down their physical bodies.

But that’s not all-apparently its having quite a toll on their mental health as well.

It was only back in 2007 that both of these gentlemen were harboring comfortable jobs with a family and over thirty years of life experience on their belt. And then, it all began to fall apart. Today, the two have gone back to being taken care of by their parents.

It’s not everyday that a mother and father get to play mother and father to two forty year old sons.

That comes with a price, according to their mother, Christine Clark. She digresses with a story of waking up seven times in one night just to attend them! Imagine how much of a toll this must be on their families. I couldn’t imagine the grief of knowing that your brain is losing its maturity and that your life is losing its color around you.

Now we know how Benjamin must have felt. Doctors claim that they can’t find a cure, nor do they foresee one dropping into their laps in the future. In all honesty I wouldn’t bother with one either. As unfortunate as this disease’s toll is taking on them, some part of you does have to sit back and admire one of the few biological mysteries of humanity.

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Image Credit: Photos.com

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