January 20, 2013

Best Android Apps For The Inauguration

Whether you will be joining the descent upon Washington for President Barack Obama’s inauguration or following the events on TV, there are several apps for your Android device to enhance the experience.

Inaugural 2013: This is the official app for the 57th inaugural. It offers a livestream of the festivities along with maps and social information about the parade and other events. For those who want to explore the history of the previous 56 inaugurations, there is a great presentation of historical images and anecdotes about those who have made it into the world’s most exclusive club.

Washington Post for Android: This is my favorite mainstream news application on Android. There is no paywall (yet) so you get a ton of content without needing to log in or pay up for a subscription. When it comes to covering an inauguration, the Post does it best.

DC Rider: For spending any amount of time in the District you will need to learn the Metro system. DC Rider is the best app for knowing when the next train is arriving. Just make sure you when you use the escalators to stand on the right, and walk on the left (a local custom that will save you from the ire of Washingtonians).

Hotel Tonight: Maybe you didn’t plan ahead and are in need of a place to crash. Hotel Tonight finds discounted rooms from many of the country’s top chains. It’s kind of like Priceline for procrastinators.

GasBuddy: If you head outside the district to explore much of what Virginia or Maryland have to offer, use GasBuddy to find the best prices on petrol.

Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search: Hipmunk uses a unique agony indicator to not only find the best price for a flight or hotel, but also to quantify how pleasurable the experience may be. It performs admirably at honing in on great flights and places to stay.

Image Credit: Derek Walter

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