October 12, 2012

Best Android Tablet Apps

The relative popularity of the Nexus 7 has given a boost to Android tablet apps. No longer content to just see apps supersized for the larger screen, Google is pushing developers to make apps adhere to specific design principles on a larger screen. The company recently pushed out a Tablet App Quality Checklist, which is designed to aid in the creation of tablet-specific apps.

This effort may be paying off, though at first in small ways. Android still has substantial ground to catch up on when it comes to larger choice for tablet apps. However, here are some of the better examples for those with a Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or other similar device. I have focused on third-party apps, as core Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and Google Play Books are already included.

Pocket: Formerly Read It Later, Pocket is a great way to save longer-form article for, you guessed it, later reading. Install the Chrome or Firefox plugin to snag articles on the web, then read them later comfortably on your tablet. Pocket looks great in the tablet form factor and shows how well it is made to be a reading device.

SwiftKey for Tablets: This will be the best $3.99 you spend if you do any substantial amount of typing on your tablet. SwiftKey intelligently corrects your typing and learns your habits for more accurate suggestions. It also splits the keyboard if you wish for faster thumb typing.

Death Rally: An insanely addicting game. Racing cars with upgradeable weapons is all you really need to know. Better yet it is free, with the ever-present weapons and other tricks to try and suck in your money.

Pinterest: This was one of the first Jelly Bean apps that really felt like it was designed for the platform. In a time where still too many social networking apps are built primarily for iOS and consider Android an afterthought, it is great to see one that takes the green robot seriously.

TED: Serious talks get serious play on Android tablets. The interface works great with enough white space to not feel like it is too encumbering.

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