August 29, 2012

Best Apps For The 2012 Presidential Election

With the Republican National Convention beginning this week, the home stretch of the election season is here (not soon enough for some). Those obsessively following every talking point, campaign stop, or verbal gaffe of the 2012 presidential election will find no shortage of apps to enhance the campaign experience.

The App Store was barely a few months old during the 2008 conventions, so this is the first election to harness the full power of mobile applications. All of the apps are on Android and iOS, with links included to the application’s page in the App Store and Google Play.

Screenshot by Derek Walter

CNN/TIME Convention Floor Pass: The two news organizations combine for a great looking app. It launches to a newspaper-style front page that highlights some of the top political stories of the day.

It looks a little compact on an iPhone, but is great on a Galaxy Nexus. Many of the long-form articles that have been featured in TIME are here, which will satisfy the needs of most political junkies. (App Store) (Google Play)

Re:Con Conventions 2012: Serious connoisseurs of politics know that National Journal has some of the most in-depth coverage of Congress, the White House, and other elements of Washington. Much of the organization’s campaign reporting is being condensed into the Re:Con app, which will have developments from both conventions. (App Store) (Google Play)

Tampa 2012: This is the official app for the Republican National Convention, which gets rolling today (Monday’s events were postponed due to concerns over Hurricane Isaac). (App Store) (Google Play)

Screenshot By Derek Walter

DNC 2012: The official app for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Again, it is more geared for delegates, but it has a detailed timeline of events and shares some of the happenings around Charlotte during the week of the convention. (App Store) (Google Play)

Comedy Central’s Indecision Game: What would be an election without some comic relief? The comic minds behind the Indecision series have a highly entertaining game where you can show off your political knowledge to friends. (App Store) (Google Play)

CNN: The stock CNN app now has an Election Center, which aggregates political headlines. The content is not as in-depth as some of the other apps that are more focused on politics year round, but it does provide push alerts for breaking news. (App Store) (Google Play)

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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