Big Luke's Shrink Down
January 17, 2014

Big Luke’s Big Shrink Down

A man nicknamed “Big Luke” isn’t so big anymore. In a recent article, CNN details the weight loss success of this Missouri resident. Luke lost over 20 percent of his body weight in just three months. What is even more fascinating about this particular story is the small town aspect of it that played such an important role.

Luke entered into a weight loss competition; however, he was unable to use the trainers and gyms that the competition provided because he lived so far away. With the help of a small town, though, he achieved a huge goal. Luke’s friends and family raised money for him to be able to enter into the contest, and coaches that he worked with at the high school trained him in his workouts. Even the local donut shop person reminded Luke of his diet.

Weight loss, especially at such an extreme level, takes a lot of motivation and encouragement. Usually your closest friends and family might know about your goals and try to support you. In my opinion, however, what led to Luke’s great success was the fact that he had a whole town cheering him on. It is so important to have a team behind your back to help you in achieving any goal. Tell people about it to get you motivated.

Another thing that is so important, which I’m sure that Luke did, is to not lose your personal motivation. Sometimes we reach our goals slowly. Rapid weight loss doesn’t always occur and you may not be able to see results for weeks because rather than burning fat at first, you might be building muscle. Once that muscle is built up, however, it will burn the fat around it and results will come. It also takes a lot longer for other people to see a change in your physical appearance. You see yourself every single day in the mirror and notice even the slightest difference. It could take a pretty significant change for those that don’t know you that well to see a difference.

Luke has seen a huge difference that many of his friends noticed. So, what exactly is the result of his intense, consistent training and high protein diet? He used to wear a size 5XL and just recently tried on his first XL shirt since freshman year of college. I imagine that most people would be ecstatic if they were back to their freshman year size.

So, whether you motivation is health related or, like Luke, because you want to be able to play with your children it is so important to have some sort of driving force behind you wanting to accomplish a goal whether that goal is weight loss or not. It is important to keep the motivation at a high level so that you don’t give up to easily, and finally it is important to have a lot of support. This support with help you be accountable and motivated to achieve what you never thought possible.

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