November 6, 2012

Bigfoot Goes Viral

Let’s have a moment of honesty with each other for a brief second, and make this a safe place where we don’t judge. And, now that it is established this public blog is a safe place, I would like to make it known that Bigfoot is indeed real.

A video has hit the viral current of the Web right now promoting a new Bigfoot sighting, and so far it hasn’t been debunked. Now, granted, it will probably be debunked or brought into light to be a hoax here shortly, but before those party poppers get in the way of a good time, let’s consider a world where everything we see on the Internet is true.

During the video, you essentially have some people who claim they were hiking and came upon what they thought was a black bear and began to record it via smartphone. After a short while, the creature stands up, they flip out, they run.

For just a brief second, when the hairy monster stands up, you can clearly see it has long arms and no snout, immediately setting to rest skeptics who believe it is a bear.

In an interview about the video, YouTube user Beard Card said they don’t even believe in Bigfoot, and are not quite sure what they saw. He said “the monster” stood up and looked right at them, and they left everything they had behind afterwards.

The Provo Canyon Bigfoot sighting is just the most recent evidence of a Bigfoot actually existing. More and more evidence has come to light recently, and TV stations have even built programs around the legend.

Essentially, Bigfoot enthusiasts, such as myself, believe the beast is just an elusive American primate. The best evidence I have ever heard of such a thing is from what archaeologists have found in caves throughout the U.S.

Archaeologists have found cave paintings from different Indian tribes across the country all describing a similar, primate-looking hairy monster. The beauty of this is that these were written in a world without Internet. So, how the Indians would’ve collectively created a fictitious creature that looked the same without a means of communication is harder to explain than just an elusive, nearly extinct primate living in some of the most undeveloped places in the U.S.

There have been plenty of crazies that report Bigfoot sightings all the time, however there are some people who have legitimately seen something. For the most part, or all accounts, the sightings that were legitimate were probably made by someone who wasn’t local, and didn’t understand what a bear looks like enshrouded by trees. But, what about in the past?

To say there has never been a primate living in America would be as foolish as to claim the Earth is only a few thousand years old. The question only remains, does a nearly extinct primate species still exist?

The riddle of Bigfoot is one that will be answered in the coming years. Most skeptics say if a Bigfoot does indeed exists, where is the evidence? Well, in today’s culture, even a Bigfoot’s viral print on the Internet is just a matter of time. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket these days, a real Bigfoot sighting could be just around the corner. It wasn’t until recently smartphones became a tool you brought everywhere, giving everyone who has one the ability to record or photograph what is taking place.

So, is the Provo Canyon Bigfoot encounter real? Who knows at this point, but what is real is the encounter with something, and the fact that in today’s world even Bigfoot can’t hide forever.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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