January 1, 2013

Biltmore Hotels, Haunting Coast To Coast

Haunted hotels are the inspiration for many movies such as “The Shining” and “Overlook Hotel” by “Stephen King” or the “Bates Motel” in the movie “Psycho.” Not to mention countless other movies where evil is within the rooms of a hotel.

Footsteps, voices, doors opening by themselves, and many other paranormal accounts have been witnessed by guests at the Biltmore Hotel. Not just in one location but three, Providence, Rhode Island; Coral Gables, Florida; and Los Angeles, California, all three locations have claims of being haunted.

The Providence Biltmore, built in 1918 by a Satanist named Johan Leisse Weisskopf. He built the hotel mainly for patrons with the same belief as his to attend rituals that were held in certain rooms and on the roof top where chicken sacrifices were performed. From 1920 to 1933 there were six murders within the hotel. There also has been guest who have disappeared while roaming the halls with the latest account in 2008.

Claims of people who stayed in this hotel are safety locks being unlatched, doors opening by themselves, sheets being pulled from the bed, apparitions, and people claiming to have someone pressing down on them while they are in bed.

The Los Angeles Biltmore, is believed to be haunted by Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia, who was last seen on the phone at the hotel. Her body was found days later in a parking lot nearly cut in two and her face was slashed from the sides of her mouth to her ears.

People have claimed to see her in a black dress waiting by the lobby phone and wandering the hallways. Occasionally she has accompanied guest into the elevator, and her description by witnesses, is she always seems upset. Her sister was also staying at the hotel, maybe Elizabeth is searching for her.

The Coral Gables Biltmore, was built in 1926 to host lavish events, but with the onset of WWII the hotel was turned in a va hospital until 1968. It was unoccupied from 1973 to 1983 when the city began restoring the property and it was reopened in 1987 as a first class hotel.

This hotel, of the three has the most activity and is claimed to be haunted by a variety of entities, from children, a lady in white, men in hospital gowns, and by a male named “Fatty,” who haunts the 13th floor. While the hotel was vacant for the ten year period between 1973 to 1983, passerby’s would see windows open and close, mysterious lights in rooms, and music playing. After the hotel was reopened, there were claims of lights turning off and on, doors opening and closing, apparitions standing in rooms, and men in white gowns wandering the halls.

A couple who dance in the ballroom will vanish into thin air has been reported by guests.

A woman dressed in white sitting on beds, roaming the halls, and on the balcony where this entity is a woman who fell off the balcony trying to save her son from falling.

Fatty wanders the halls of the 13th floor, in the dinning room, and helps with the elevator. The elevator will only go to the 12th floor, the 13th floor can only be accessed by a special key. Curiously, when there is a lovely lady in the elevator it will bypass the floor she wants and stop on floor the 13th floor. Also reports of when there is a couple in the elevator, the woman will exit first then the door will close before the man can exit the elevator.

Many paranormal investigators have seen Fatty and have an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of him, and it is said that Fatty will follow them around because he likes all the attention.


Image Credit:  Tina Rencelj / Shutterstock

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